This class is dedicated with much love by the Niasoff Family -- in memory of Reb Eliyahu Tzion Niasoff, in honor of his 76th birthday on 10 Teves.

Class Vayechi
Why Were ther Avos Buried in the Wrong Order? The Strange Position of the Tumbstones
The Revolution of the Rogatchover Gaon
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Class Summary:
Visitors to the Mearat Hamachpalah in Hebron might have observed the strange order of the tombstones on the graves of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs: Isaac on the right, Abraham in the center, and Jacob on the left. Why are they interred in that order? Is there any historical accuracy to this order?

A fascinating observation in the Jerusalem Talmud about the position of our forefathers in the cave has raised many an eyebrow. It was the Rogatchover Gaon, Rabbi Yosef Rozen (1858-1936), who analyzing the biblical text, presents an astounding novel account of the burial of our Avos, solving this ancient dilemma.