Dedicated by David and Eda SchottensteinIn the loving memory of Alta Shula Swerdlov. And in honor of Yetta Alta Shula, "Aliyah," Schottenstein

When You Need to Borrow Your Father
A Talmudic Debate on the Daily Schedule in the Temple and its Psychological Application
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Class Summary:
For well over a millennia, Jewish spiritual life revolved around the myriads of ritualistic services conducted in the Tabernacle, and later, in the Temple. The Torah describes in minute detail each item, artifact, garment, service and sacrifice that was part of Temple worship." "Today, many of these methods of worship seem foreign, ceremonial, and outdated.
Yet nothing can be further from the truth. In Jewish tradition, the heart of man is the Temple of G-d; every rite and ritual performed in the Temple exactly parallels a spiritual journey in the psyche of the human being. In this class, we will analyze the cleaning of the Menorah, the daily animal sacrifice, and the burning of incense, and discover the profound spiritual and psychological implications of a Talmudic debate regarding their order in the daily service of the Temple.