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Reality Unmasked: The Sub-Plot of Purim

The Jews Were Thrilled That They Were Finally Invitedto the Persian White House. They forgot who runs the world

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Reality Unmasked: The Sub-Plot of Purim- The Jews were thrilled that they were finally invited to the Persian White House. They forgot who runs the world


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  • Anonymous -4 years ago


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  • ATM

    a thankful man -13 years ago

    thanks for the clarity, the message, and the inspiration. it is always needed.

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  • A

    Anonymous -13 years ago

    real depth
    This may be your best delivery yet. Thank you for the inspiring & enthusiastic message. Happy Purim!

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  • H

    HDS -13 years ago

    Esther didn't forget who runs the world; she fasted first.

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  • KT

    Kayo, Tokyo -13 years ago

    Thank you for teaching me the order of the world
    Baruch HaShem,

    After psychiatric hospitalization, it has been almost 2years. Just a few months ago, my doctor gave me a permission to work. I had been so frustrated by this recoverly process. But Ata Yadaeti. Thank you for this your shiur I realized the order of the world. Maybe, what I really should do is a deep introspection to see my blood is aligned with the Source of all, including my illness.

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  • J

    Joe -14 years ago

    To Jackie
    Unfortunately due to these type of "Jews” you quote, the Nazis were able to be financed and supported and were successful in exterminating six million Jewish men women and children. How many more lives have to be slaughtered before the liberal "rabbis" or "intellectuals" realize that our very own existence is at stake!!!
    Let us not make the same mistake that so many liberal minded Jewish people made prior to the holocaust! Jerusalem and all of Israel is G-d's gift to the Jewish people! Period!

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  • M

    mina -14 years ago

    re: obama

    dear yy
    i think you give obama too much credit. he is a muslim and an ideologue.
    i think all jews should leave the united states and move to israel now. each time obama the new pharoh, does something to isreal something else happens in the world
    is not the volcano dom v'aish v'simrash oshen?

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  • DK

    Dick Kaufman -14 years ago

    Peace and Life Come Before Land
    The prophets spoke about peace and life, both superseding land.

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  • J

    Jackie -14 years ago

    Another Perspective
    Dear Rabbi Jacobson,

    I read your article "What The President Does Not Understand - A Letter to Jerusalem." Attached, please find another perspective written by Rabbi Nava Hefetz which deals with Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, specifically addressing the suffering of Palestinian families in Sheich Jarah. The article was posted on Rabbis For Human Rights - Israel's website.

    B'Shalom, Jackie DeLeo

    “Who unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no room, and ye be made to dwell alone in the midst of the land!” (Isaiah 5:8)

    By Rabbi Nava Hefetz

    Every week a few hundred Israeli citizens and Palestinian residents gather on the hill opposite to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to lend their voices to the rallying calls against despicable acts perpetrated against their neighbors. The participation of young people in these protests makes the weekly demonstrations animated and vibrant. These students and the other activists are compelled by their pursuit of justice for the Palestinian families in the neighborhood who have lived there since at least 1956.

    Last Friday, 30 intellectuals, academics, rabbis and educators gathered to meet with the Palestinian families who were expelled and banished from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. These supporters are not anarchists, not people from the radical left wing, not Jews haters, but main stream citizens from a wide range of opinions, who make up the essence and backbone of the Israeli society, the founders and builders of the State of Israel. These citizens neither came to confront the police nor to provoke them. They came to stand in solidarity with the local Palestinian families.

    I have not gone to many demonstrations in the last year. Maybe I felt tired or maybe because those demonstrations all too often do not lead to action. But last Friday I decided to join this meeting in order to express my solidarity and learn more about the issue. In Sheikh Jarrah a despicable act is done under the guise of returning Jewish property. A group of Jewish extremists is very quickly taking over a neighborhood that has been Palestinian for more than 50 years. This group’s motivation is political: They want to create a territorial perimeter around the holly basin in order to create a situation so that any future solution to Jerusalem would become totally impossible.

    Throughout the ages, Israel's Prophets warned that the consequences of bad behavior could bring about destruction. Jeremiah Shout it loud:

    “Who unto him that build his house by unrighteousness, and his chambers by injustice; that use his neighbor’s service without wages, and give him not his hire; That said: 'I will build me a wide house and spacious chambers', and cut him out windows, and it is ceiled with cedar, and painted with vermilion… But your eyes and your heart are not but for your covetousness, and for shedding innocent blood, and for oppression, and for violence, to do it.” (Jeremiah, 22:13-17).

    The Jewish people faced expulsions and oppression. They were refugees for a long time, but they have forgotten their past and their humanistic values that are the essence of their existence:

    “You shall not covet your neighbor's house;” (Exodus 20:13)

    “Neither shall you desire your neighbor's house, his field, or his man-servant, or his maid-servant, his ox, or his ass, or anything that is your neighbor's.” (Deuteronomy 5:17).

    The families in Sheikh Jarrah do not get justice and their rights are trampled on with rude and heartless means. This situation relates to the prophet Micha who called out:

    “Hear this, I pray you, you heads of the house of Jacob, and rulers of the house of Israel, that abhor justice, and pervert all equity;” (Micah, 3:9).

    The families in sheikh Jarrah are exposed on one hand to the harassment of the “rebellious house” (Ezekiel 12:2) and on the other hand they are threatened by the establishment.

    Some of the negative commandments of Israel Torah, as they appear in Rambam’s (Maimonides) Mishne Torah such as:

    Not to rob as it is said: “nor rob him” (Leviticus 19:13)

    Not to trespass as it is said “You shall not remove your neighbor's landmark” (Deuteronomy 19:14)

    Not to oppress as it is said: “You shall not oppress your neighbor” (Leviticus 19:13)

    Not to lust as it is said: “neither shall you desire your neighbor's house” (Deuteronomy (5:17)

    Have been corrupted and transformed into positive commandments like: to rob, to trespass, to oppress and to lust by Jewish settlers.…

    This is not the way to build the national home of the people of Israel. We were given this land on condition and not without condition. .על תנאי ולא אל תנאי On the condition to built a society that will be an example for others, in which: “You shall have one statute, both for the stranger, and for him that is born in the land”. (Numbers 9:14).

    This is not the way to build the national home of the People of Israel but with “Thorough wisdom is a house builded; and by understanding it is established” (Proverbs 24:3).

    The teachings of Eliahu Rabah (Ish Shalom in Hebrew: man of peace) support my perspective. In portion 26:4-5 he writes:

    Someone who steals from a non-Jew ultimately he will steal also from Jews

    Someone who robs a non-Jew ultimately he will also rob Jews

    Someone who lies to a non-Jew ultimately he will also lie to Jews

    Someone who kills a non-Jew ultimately he will also kill Jews…

    Ish Shalom warns all of us of the slippery slope from which every human being with common sense should be careful.

    Whoever allows non-Jews to be robbed will also allow Jews to be robbed.

    Whoever expels non-Jews from their home eventually would also expel Jews from their homes.

    Whoever allows the murder of non-Jews, eventually will also allow the murder of Jews.

    This slippery slope can bring disaster upon all of us, as the prophet Micah described it:

    “That build up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity… Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps and the mountain of the house as the high places of a forest. (Micah 3:10,12).

    I believe that:

    “Zion shall be redeemed with justice and they that return of her with righteousness” (Isaiah 1:27). Only in a just society, where people are engaged in fighting against evil and all injustices without distinction for the race, sex or sexual tendency, only such a society has a chance to survive and thrive.

    Maya Wind:

    On Monday a group of settlers stoned Palestinians and international activists in Sheikh Jarrah. When the police forces arrived they arrested Nasser Gawi, but did not interrogate a single settler. Despite the fact that testimonies submitted contradicted the settlers' claims, the police decided to keep Nasser under arrest overnight. After Nasser was brought before a judge he was released with conditions. what conditions?

    On Tuesday and Wednesday there were additional tense incidents in the neighborhood. On Tuesday two Palestinians were arrested without cause, after settlers destroyed the Al-Kurd family fence. On Wednesday the police arrested two international activists that tried to keep away settlers who were threatening the Palestinian residents.

    This week two more families received eviction notices following the request from settler organizations. The settlers demanded to evict the Palestinians from the neighborhood because they are “bothering their Jewish neighbors”. They also threatened to sue the Palestinian residents for the financial damage they are causing due to the delay of the eviction. This is due to the significant investment in the plans for the settlement intended for the neighborhood.

    Last Friday Zeev Shternhal, Ram Cohen, Naomi Hazan, Avraham Burg, Zehava Galon, David Grossman and other intellectuals participated in a special protest vigil in the neighborhood. They attempted to protest outside the homes that Palestinians had been evicted from, but were dispersed by the police within a few minutes. During the quiet dispersal the police arrested four activists, who were released with conditions what is this? after a few hours. During the demonstration David Grossman spoke, and called for more people to come to the next demonstration.

    To see a video clip of the demonstration


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  • MS

    Mark Siet -14 years ago

    A Letter to Jerusalem
    You wrote a letter to Jerusalem and now it is time for Jerusalem to Answer.

    Israel you shall be strong
    My gates open to you all along
    No foreign powers may conquer
    Here you will reign and prosper.

    Keep your eyes on my holy place
    This is where my love for you embrace
    Thy Torah sacred and divine
    Showing you everything is fine.

    More powerful will you become today
    Surpassing all expectations to say.
    Yes you are my people from of old
    Always I give you strength to be bold.

    Residing within my bet Hamikdash appear
    The pillar cloud and then you draw near.
    Evoke within with all of your heart
    My name is one with perfect art.

    Throughout my Israel I do expand
    Even past present borders of land
    Ask of me your Hashem the light
    To make all things holy and right.

    Call to me not as a pauper poor
    For you are my priest open that door
    Know that I am and you are mine
    Always revealing through Torah's line

    Attach yourselves to me then
    And be confident of now and when
    For I awaken by your call
    And I go forth as one in all.

    My city Jerusalem my people Israel
    I keep my covenant with you today
    But remember who I am do not conceal
    Because this is how I show the way.

    Know that I am for all eternity.
    But prove me now on this journey
    In this time this city this sacred place
    I am your Lord your saving grace.

    From my Jerusalem do I say
    Stay strong and watch this day
    To see thy deliverance once again
    I replay my vows pure and plain.

    So listen to my heart
    I am for you from the start
    Other nations cannot know
    What I through Torah do I show.

    Be strong Jerusalem and my people.
    Be strong for I am with you.
    Be strong Jerusalem my beloved Israel,
    Be strong and I will carry you all along.

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  • C

    Chana -14 years ago

    Dovid's point of view
    Dovid, I am neither Chabad nor hateful. I don't understand how you derive hatred from this article, and there is no shred of racism in it. What people fail to understand, I think, is that territory is not the issue but the destruction of our loved ones is. My feeling is that the President is missing the point, as Bill Clinton did. The point is not real estate but rather survival. Dovid, there are people out there who want you and me dead, Jerusalem or no Jerusalem. Anyone who thinks Hashem can be snowed with spin on "fairness" is a fool. Consequently, I submit to you that Mr. Obama is a fool, more to be pitied than hated for his egregious misunderstanding of this situation. My children are at stake. I need to see this clearly and so do you.

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  • Y

    Yaakov -14 years ago

    Jerusalem Insights - 2nd
    Someone in shul who spends all his days at the Kosel putting tefillin on people told me a story today. He heard it from someone whose mother was there when it happened.

    She was in the camps and a Yid was caught with tefillin. The earthly rewards for this were what could be expected in that time and place. A crowd was gathered together, probably the whole camp. A dog was standing in attention with his blonde lady trainer at his side. Speeches and warnings were given and the sentence was pronounced.
    The dog was ordered to do what he knew so well.
    What he did was that he marched up to the Yid, walked around him several times, turned around, ran towards his trainer, lunged at her and killed her on the spot.

    The dogs of those who hate us will turn on them.

    And I asked myself where those dogs will come from. The answer I thought of surprised me. I think they will come from our own dogs; those “dogs” that bother us all day, all the time; the things we are struggling with so mightily in this stage of golus. At this point in history they are growling and lunging as much as ever, because they know their days are finished.

    But while they’re drawing close with their growls, hisses, and lunges, they are getting a sniff of us, of the best of us, if we dare to stay focused, like one needs to do with a dog, and they will be increasingly leaving us, even if it now seems the opposite on the surface. And they will be going back to the ones who sent them. There are a number of possibilities of what can happen then.

    Whatever it is, bs”d it will be good for the Yidden and good for the world.

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  • K

    Karsten -14 years ago

    Oh Jerusalem
    An extremely moving & uplifting piece of writing!

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  • E

    Esther -14 years ago

    Obama, Clinton, etc.
    I suggest you send your beautiful letter to not only President Obama, but also Hillary Clinton and his advisor Axelrod. Can we really fathom having squares named after terrorists in the heart of East Jerusalem as has happened in Gaza?

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  • R

    Rosalie -14 years ago

    I Am Frustrated
    Thank you for this article. It is beautifully written. It's good to hear that some of our Jewish people understand what is going on. I am very frustrated with many of my Jewish friends and my synagogue, although a few of them are waking up, but not enough. Do you know about Obama's advisors?

    Chag Sameach - Am Yisrael Chai!!

    Rosalie Greenberg
    Teaneck, NJ

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  • D

    David -14 years ago

    Re: "Hate fest" and R. Jacobson's essay
    1. Dovid, I respectfully suggest that you refrain from construing the current opinions you may have been "meant to" hear in your circles, with the Chabad Lubavitch movement. Perhaps we, people, sometimes fall short in verbalizing what our souls truly feel. Define/ translate a BAMMA: A high platform that may represent the heights of physicality. Of course all physicality is from the spiritual (ruchniut)and a World-political agenda that does not yet acknowledge this fact is like a person walking, while asleep...The Rebbe said "the Jew is expected to do the impossible", and "the state of the world depends on the state of the Jew in their Jewishness."

    2. Rabbi Jacobson: Invariably, I enjoy your essays and lectures. The great Breslover Rabbi Sholom Arush has recently reiterated the great pain the Lubavitcher Rebbe suffered after one Israeli leader after another failed to heed his words regarding the erroneous "return" of land. Rabbi Arush emphasizes the unfathomable value of the Holy Land that H-shem re-entrusted to us in the 20th century.

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  • M

    mum -14 years ago

    "How many secrets does your gigantic heart contain? How many
    impressions, how many scars are embedded in the crevices of your
    ancient stones?"

    Beautiful. Precious.

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  • A

    Anonymous -14 years ago

    You claim that we hate Obama because he is black and we are racist. There are many converts of all different colors in the Jewish community. They are all treated with love and respect.
    Why is it that anytime someone disagrees with a liberal, he is called a racist? Are liberals the only ones that are entitled to their own opinion?
    I personally never liked or voted for Obama. I see him as a bunch of hot air and a product of the media. Since I don't have a TV at home, I'm not easily influenced by the media and am able to see Obama as just another product being sold on TV.
    How sad it is for you that you feel you have to leave your shul for politics.

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  • D

    dovid -14 years ago

    hate fest
    I guess I should listen but I can already see that this is part of the orthodox hate fest. I love Israel as much as anyone but why are the orthodox particularly acting as if Obama has done or not done anything differently than other Presidents? Do you know that kind of hate that is being incited in this country now, against anything to do with government, the hate against Obama? As a Jew I will not participate in anything that will further the hate. You don't want to give this man credit for anything. I go to a shul now that I may have to leave; the people who don't like Obama didn't like him before any differences with Israel. He is black and that is where the hatred is coming in and I have heard this from people who claim to be just, compassionate and good Jews. Frankly the orthodox treatment and Chabad's treatment particularly of Obama has made me want to leave Chabad.
    Take the example of Elie Weisel who wrote an open letter to Obama in WSJ.
    He doesn't attack him or even mention his name but appeals to what he knows is Obama's compassion, a compassion that Weisel himself said had no hint of anti-semiticism. I am not proud to be a part of Chabad at this time. I never thought I would feel this way.

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  • B

    bassie -14 years ago

    beautiful essay

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  • RABA

    Reuven Akiva ben Avraham -14 years ago

    You see how the world delights in our being murdered!!!!!!!!
    With this piece of meat in the White House, did you really expect anything different??? Even now, you make excuses for this "thing"! He is a Muslim, born and bread, and you expect him not to want us all dead?? But hey, that's the way it is, what do I know?? Nobody ever believed me anyway!! So, all of you who voted for this thing, I guess you get what you pay for!! May Hashem forgive you all for all of our people that perish at his hands!!

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  • Y

    Yossi -14 years ago

    Very moving letter.

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  • YL

    Yechezkel Lebovic -14 years ago

    Another travesty -- Rubashkin
    The Rubashkin saga is an unbelievable, thoroughly uneven-handed draconian miscarriage of USA justice, reminiscent of the infamous Salem witch hunt__ which will go down into similar historical infamy unless rectified now, at the 11th hour!

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  • J

    Jon -14 years ago

    Why only jerusalem--What about Judea and samaria?

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  • Y

    Yaakov -14 years ago

    Jerusalem Insights
    Beautiful! Thank you.
    All true of course concerning Obama, etc. But my question is, what are WE missing, what are WE not grasping, in the potential inherent in Jerusalem that is enabling them to get a handhold in it?

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  • D

    david -14 years ago

    future “democratic” & a “Palestinian State” is an oxymoron.

    David Cukierman

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  • Y

    yitz -14 years ago

    Don't give Obama so much credit
    beautiful piece, kudos. that being said, why do you give obama the benefit of the doubt and consider him naive? yitz greenman

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  • CF

    Chaya Franklin -14 years ago

    Thank you
    Rabbi Jacobson is one of the greatest teachers we merit to hear. He embodies the highest aspirations of the Torah, and is able to give us the most profound teachings of the Rebbe. May G-d give him and his family (Sheyichu) much success, brochos, nachas, joy, and may he continue to spread the holy words of the Torah and Chassidus to Jews and non-Jews all around the world.

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  • CB

    chaim b -14 years ago

    There are no words to express my gratitude for your weekly E-mails and Shiurim. May Hashem bless you and your family with all that is good

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  • M

    Meira -14 years ago

    Okay Folks, cards face up!
    It’s time! We have pretty busy schedule in ahead.
    Questions and Exercises
    1.What is the singular core-message of the entire Megilah?
    As holy Arizal taught, it roots in ‘Mystery (sod) of the Tsimtzum’ In simple words it is presented with a familiar situation, when Mommy and Daddy are not at home, or when kids are sent to a summer camp and finally have a gulp of freedom…( just don’t forget that Mommy has a cell phone and time will come to be back…) Have difficulty to get it? Read the message “G-d is NowHere!” in a right way. Still have problems? Take out any US currency and read what is there on the top…
    2.Why did Esther fast for three days before entering into the king?
    Nope, your turn…
    3. Why is G-d’s name not mentioned in the entire book of Esther? And why is Purim the only Jewish
    holiday with a Persian name?
    It is interesting that Mitzvah of reading Megilla Esther is counted for any Jew even if he or she doesn’t understand Hebrew but still take time in listening to it. So we might guess that Book of Esther was addressed precisely to generations severed from Sinai revelation with millenniums, lost from roots by historical twists and turns, who don’t know Hebrew but still have a pride of belonging to this nation. They might be detached from their spiritual roots up to the point when G-d’s name would be absolutely irrelevant or even foreign to them. Those Persian, Greek, Turkish, Russian, English speakers would willingly accept international loanword ‘Purim’.
    4. Do you compromise your spiritual integrity and your relationship to G-d because of material pressures
    and responsibilities? How so? Can you do it differently?
    5. Does Judaism believe in diplomacy, or does it teach complete reliance on G-d?
    Judaism believes that diplomacy can work only there and then, when we first reliance on G-d.
    6. If G-d runs the world why should you employ diplomacy?
    I know you’ve got an answer…!
    7. What was the primary mistake of the Shushan Jews during the Purim era?
    They enjoyed not only food but they liked to lose their identity.
    And it’s not only theirs but hundreds of thousands coming after them. Here I would like to borrow some wisdom from Israeli writer Igor Guberman: Being genetically perfectionists, Jews always fluctuate between full spectrums of personality disorders and finally gravitate to self- insufficiency (Rabbi Jacobson mentioned about fish that flip-flap without water). Subconsciously they apply high level standard towards themselves but never to others. It’s hard to live under constant psychological burden and demands of your inner essence, so they try to escape from that, they may find relieve through assimilation: “ I am not like them (Jews), I am better, I am like you Persians, like you Russians, like you Germen, like you Americans…” We are the same Shushan Jews in 21 century.
    I am not as smart as sound: it’s just a Purim mask…
    8. Do you worship the forces of nature in your personal life? How so?
    Pardon, loader please…?
    Have fun!

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  • Q

    question -14 years ago

    All very nice, but when I think of the Holocaust, this entire dicusssion seems so problematic and difficult to internalize.

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  • י

    יעקב -14 years ago

    שב לשקו ולתעניתו
    עיין בחידושי הגרי"ז שג"כ ביאר הסיבה לשב לשקו ולתעניתו כי רכיבת הסוס לא היתה ביטול הגזירה אלא עילוי למרדכי ולכן לא שמח בזה כי העיקר הוא ביטול הגזירה וישועת ישראל. וע"ש שבזה נתבאר לשון הכתוב ומרדכי יצא גו' והעיר שושן, דמה השייכות? אלא כשראו מרדכי יוצא הבינו שנתבטלה הגזירה כי עבור הצלת עצמו לא הי' יוצא בלבושים אלה ולכן העיר שושן צהלה ושמחה.

    אלא שלפי השיחה דפורים תשכ"ו שנתבאר פה, יש כאן עומק חדש לגמרי, ופשוט. דאי"כ רק שמרדכי דאג עבור בנ"י, אלא בעומק יותר, דאפילו אם חשב שזה כן יועיל לביטול הגזירה, ולכאורה כ"ה בפשטות שכן הועיל, מ"מ, אי"ז נוגע לו, דלו נוגע ביטול הגזירה מאת השי"ת.

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  • J

    joseph -14 years ago

    So dod I get the idea? In Judaism, it is not that G-d ultimitely runs the world and is the boss, but that nature has its own agenda; rather it is all a garment for the Divine will, so nature too is Divine. So the decree of Haman was really about the Jewish relationship with G-d.
    maybe this was mistake of the spies. they thought that G-d can do miracles but in the world of nature, there are "rules" which even G-d will not break. So in the Land the Jews will lose the war. their mistake was that even the natrual pateerns and forces are an expression of G-d.

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  • B

    Ber -14 years ago

    to Lazer
    I am sure he did, but it was the mindset and perspective of the Jewish people which would not easily change. Sometimes two people can be at the same event but for two different reasons.
    The point of the shuir as I understood was that the issue here was that the Jewish people lost focus of their entire mission and role in this world. They lost touch with who they were. This is amazing stuff.

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  • L

    Lazer -14 years ago

    Shushan Feast
    If the decree against the Jews of Shushan was a result of their enjoying the feast with King A, and if Mordechai was a "butler" and assistant planner of the event and a Jewish community leader, then why would he not properly instruct the Jews on the proper attitude and conduct during the feast? I would have a hard time believing that he did not.

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  • J

    Joe -14 years ago

    To Meira
    Yes, for sure. I'm in.

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  • ML

    Meira L. -14 years ago

    Just an idea
    Hi folks,
    Purim is right around the corner and we all have pleasant obligation to increase our joy.
    Here is a new opportunity for that; I welcome you all to do some workout with me: with full respect for Torah studying, you can get some joy through correlating the ideas of this class to our personal life. Kids love such type of ‘learning through playing.’
    Find kid inside of you!
    This time I am going to answer all uneven questions from the curriculum and leave even ones blank for you. Those who feel comfortable in playing games can try. Besides fun from the process of studying and generating the ideas you might get my Mishloach Manot (first come- first’s served). Hope it will not destroy discipline at our honorable Yeshiva.net and give others chance to study according to their personal pace.
    Ready to try?
    Good Luck!

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  • I

    isaac -14 years ago

    a lot of faith
    a bit hard to digest, a pretty intense presentation.

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  • K

    kayo -14 years ago

    Dear Rabbi Jacobson;

    Todah Ravah for your shiur for Purim that is very relevant to the State of Israel.


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  • J

    Joe -14 years ago

    As always, we are looking very forward to another riveting presentation. Thanks in advance.

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • March 10, 2012
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  • 16 Adar 5772
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Dedicated by David and Eda Schottensteinin the loving memory of Alta Shula Swerdlovand in the merit of Yetta Alta Shula, "Aliya," Schottenstein

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