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When the Baal Shem Tov Encountered a Spiritual Ascetic

Stay in Kolel Or Go Out to the World?

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The Baal Shem Tov Encounters a Spiritual Ascetic

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  • Y

    Yaakov -11 years ago

    The Kolel Movement
    I dissagree with Rabbi Pinchos. How can one say such a thing about all Kolel's? It is incorrect and disrespectful and simply wrong. The fact that there may be some people like that does not change the fact of many others who sit and learn.

    How much precentage fall into the category of Rabbi Pinchos? Is it ten percent or 90 percent? Really?

    In any case I want to ask, who began this kolel movement? Which year? who is responsible for it? Is it "good for the Jews?" Did it do well for American Jewry? For Jewry in Israel?

    This i would like to know. Anybody?

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  • M

    Motl -11 years ago

    Amazing Shuir.

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  • RPW

    Rabbi Pinchos Woolstone -11 years ago

    Kollel was historically reserved for the most gifted and serious Talmedei Chachomim, today in my opinion it has turned into a circus for so many who avoid working and leech of their parents or tzedokoh monies and those living in Israel living off government handouts or as bad sending their wives to work while they " learn".

    It is a corruption of a sacred institution.

    A huge Chilul HaShem which should be undone as quickly as possible.

    A yungerman can learn before work and after work and during Shabbos etc

    Again the community should support the excellent and the pious to sit in Kollel full-time thereby ensuring the next generation of Torah Leadership.

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Levi Garelik

  • April 12, 2013
  • |
  • 2 Iyyar 5773
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Dedicated by Josh and Robyn Goldhirsch

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