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Does the Torah Encourage People to Ask Questions About G-d?

Likkutei Sichos Behar

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Does the Torah Encourage People to Ask Questions About G-d?

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    sarah -11 years ago

    thank you and a question
    Thank you very much for that class i really did enjoy. However, I have a question regarding the three periods of the coming of Moshiach: you speak about yemos hamoshiach, techias hamesim and elef hashevii: what is happening in the third one? 

    Thank you for everything! 

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      Anonymous -11 years ago

      Re: thank you and a question


      Thank you Sarah,

      Regarding your question, "what is happening in the third period of Moshiavh?"

      In one line the answer is: In the third period there will be the revelation of Malchus ein sof….

      If you want to elaborate on this, then we first need to understand the first and second period, which is too long to explain in writing as it requires a shiur for itself, but I will still try to answer albeit briefly:

      This concept of the three periods of the Era  of Moshiach was brought in this shiur just in passing to explain what are the "three years". The Rebbe brings it at the end of the Sicha in a footnote (based on a discourse of the Zemach Zedek (the Third Rebbe of Lubavitch)) but does not elaborate here.

      It is a long Maamor (Chassidic dicourse) that is printed also in Sefer Halikutim in the volume of the letter "Lamed" (in the entry of Leasid Lavo) page 629.

      Here is a brief synopsis, how the Tzemach Tzedek explains it in chassidic terms:

      When Moshiach will come we will, gradually, merit many revelations of the spiritual worlds until we will reach the highest levels. These “three periods” represent some of these revelations.

      [in Kabala the levels are: the eyes, the forehead (which is higher than the eyes) and the brain (which is higher than the forehead)]:

      The first one will reveal the level that will show what was accomplished through Torah and Mitzvos, which we could not see during the times of Golus. A simple analogy: Just like a diamond which is in a closed box, when you open the box the diamond is revealed but there is no change in the diamond, only a revelation. In Chassidic terms this is the level of “Isarusa deleila” [G-dly revelation] but only as high as “Isarusa deletata” [human effort] can reach (or cause).

      This represents the era of the first revelation. However, at this time there is no change in nature yet. [This is the level of the “eyes”]

      The second level will be a higher revelation: it will reveal a level that “isarusa deletata” cannot reach, which is the beginning of the “Kav” [the first step lower than the “Zimzum”]. At this point there will be a change in nature. [This is the level of the “forehead”]

      The third one is the revelation of Malchus Ein sof which is a level from before/higher than the Zimzum. [sort of like the brain which is on a higher level than the forehead]

      This is the concept in brief. Perhaps one day we will give a shiur on the topic….

      Thank you for your inquiry amd your compliments. 


      Rabbi Levi Y. Garelik

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Levi Garelik

  • April 26, 2013
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  • 16 Iyyar 5773
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Dedicated by Josh and Robyn Goldhirsch

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