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The Debate Between Moshe & the Angels

Likkutei Sichos Shavuos

44 min

Class Summary:

Likkutei Sichos -- Shavuos

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  • Anonymous -1 month ago

    Are the source sheets still available ? 

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  • M

    Miriam -11 years ago

    Dear Rabbi Garelik,

    Thank you for these wonderful words full of chayis. I love hearing about the halachic debates. I like to prepare my Shabbos food listening to TheYeshiva.net shiurim. There is one thing you said that I feel there is more to, perhaps you will disagree. You said in 35:31 that the tachlis, what Hashem wants is that this creature, man, should come to understand with his intellect that there is a Source.  Job 19:26 it says that from my flesh I will see G-d.  I think the end of the matter is that our intellect will know there is a Source, we will feel our Source, and we will see our Source. And so we will all know Him, from the least to the greatest, and all our limbs will praise Him, He will be One and His Name One.

    Good Shabbos.


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    • A

      Anonymous -11 years ago

      Re: tachlis

      Why should I disagree? on the contrary, you said it correctly and that is the truth: we are created in the Image of Hashem, and a part of Hashem and from our flesh we will see  G-d etc. however, that is the ultimate goal - that we should come to that realization....

      The way Hashem created humans is, that they do not realize that right away, and after a certain amount of study etc. they come to that realization. To some, it takes a little longer than others.... But we will all get there, any moment now.

      Thank you for an excellent observation.

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  • K

    Kayo -11 years ago

    Such a beautiful sicho

    Wow, so beautiful. I enjoyed very much. It was easy to understand, too. Todah ravah, please continue great works.


    Kayo in Tokyo

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    • A

      Anonymous -11 years ago

      Re: Such a beautiful sicho
      Dear Kayo,

      Thank you for the warm words and continue in having success in your studies and your endeavors.

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Levi Garelik

  • May 5, 2013
  • |
  • 25 Iyyar 5773
  • |
Dedicated by Josh and Robyn Goldhirsch

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