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Will the Real Meraglim Please Stand Up?

Likkutei Sichos -- Shlach

52 min

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Will the Real Meraglim Please Stand Up? Likkutei Sichos -- Shlach

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    Kayo -11 years ago

    Todah for the beautiful shiur

    Todah Ravah for another beautiful shiur. I love those stories of Rebbeim and Rebbetzin you tell us. I also like the way you construct the contents of shiur. It is very easy to follow the logic and explanations because of your clear organization of the shiurim. And it is very enjoyable. However, I have the following questions.

    1. Did The Meraglim purposely tell wrong reports to teach the Israelites what should be the ultimate objective to go to the Land of Israel, or their mistake turned out to be the lesson for the rest of Israelites and us about our purpose of life and the purpose of Creation?

    2. It is still not crear to me why Moshe sent the Meraglim if  Moshe knew 10 of them were going to do more than what Mshe told to do and which is wrong.


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Levi Garelik

  • May 28, 2013
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  • 19 Sivan 5773
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