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The Laws of The "Shabbos Goy" Part 3

May I Tell a Non-Jew To Do Work During Twilight Zone?

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Class Summary:

Laws of Shabbos -- Amira Lenochri #3

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  • RLW

    Rabbi L. Wineberg -10 years ago

    you are correct about the kavana being the goy's kavana.

    You ask why asking a goy to open the hot water in the sink is not forbidden in the same way as it is forbidden to ask the goy to pour cold water into a hot mikva (you must have made a mistake in your wording). In support of your argument you cite Shabbos k'Halacha.

    I don't understand: The very source which you cite explains precisely the difference between them. In fact I based my explanation on that source. 

    Thank you for waiting respectfully (and patiently), and for your participation.

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  • M

    M -10 years ago

    Dear Rabbi !

    1.pshat in seeif yud" ayno meskavan"is the Goys kavana nt he yids please see seeif 28 and the thought is that if the goy untends for this purpose it is a eqivalent to being a shliach and may call for Machaa

    2.whay are you so sure that the opening of the hot water in a sink is not the same exact peula that simutaniasly does a davar hamuter and davar haasur in which case even if it is not the intent of the goy is asur like him pouring hot water in to a cold mikvah his intent to cool off the mikvah but simutaniasly causes the cooking of the cold water please see shabbos kahalacha perek reshon seeif mem gimel beurim chof daled and hearos ubeurim tzemach tzedek chelek vav simon lamed vov based on the Alter Rebbe seef chaf tes .

    I Await a Response Respectfuly


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