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As Long as there are Chassidim there is a Rebbe -- Part 1

The Story of Hey Teves

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The Story of Hey Teves -- Part 1: As Long as there are Chassidim there is a Rebbe -- Part 1

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    Seb -7 years ago

    MP3 of This class and class number 2 can't be downloaded. Other classes do download.
    Please fix. Thank you.

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    Anonymous -10 years ago

    Comments from Rabbi Paltiel
    This class was received quite enthusiastically, but some aspects of the story need fine tuning, in addition to the comments already posted.

    Here are some corrections and comments made by a friend in the know.

    1)The story of the Rebbe’s mother Rebbetzin Chana about Rabistive (succession) is a bit complicated by the fact that in 5668 the Previous Rebbe (now no longer in Russia) asked the Rebbe’s parents to share in the nadan (dowry) they would give to the Rebbe. See Igros Kodesh of the Previous Rebbe (Otzar) vol. 15 page 190 where nadan was discussed.

    2)The first S’farim that were taken were actually taken from the Previous Rebbe’s room and desk on the second floor of 770, only later did he take the S’farim from the basement.

    3)The first meeting about the S’farim took place Rosh Chodesh Tamuz not 5 Tamuz, as I indicated. It may be that there was no meeting on 5 Tamuz altogether.

    4)At that (those) first meeting(s) only the older Chassidim (in the Rebbe’s words: the students of the Frierdike Rebbe) were present. The younger contingent was added after 12 Tamuz to actually fight the case.  

    5)The Rebbe introduced a novel thought to the idea of ‘Zaro BaChayim’ in his talk on 12 Tamuz; rather than the ordinary idea, that Yaakov (the Rebbe) lives through his Children (Chassidim), the Rebbe suggested that  the reverse because the Rebbe is alive therefore the Chassidim  live.

    6)The actual date of the opening of the trial was 19 Kislev.

    7)The story about the Rebbe telling Reb Nissan Nemenow that his printing of Chassidim may come back to challenge him was (in affect) repeated by the Rebbe as the introduction to the Ma’amar he said in the first days of the trial: See Hisva’adus 5746 vol. 2 page 152 ff.

    8)The Rebbe had made for himself photocopies (in the 30s) of all the Rebbe RaShaB’s Ma’amarim that previous Rebbe had. So the idea that the Rebbe had no access to the original manuscripts when printing the Samach Vov is not entirely true. The actual originals he did not have but the copies were available to him. For unknown reasons the Rebbe did not give these out and had the Chassidim type the Samach Vov from a Chassid’s manuscript. The RaNaT was actually printed from the Rebbe’s copies (and this was years before the Rebbe won the S’farim and the access he needed to the library).



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    Chaya -10 years ago

    Hey Teveys
    Fascinating. Thank you so much.

    Your ma'amar classes are brilliant! but of course we like the stories more, we're lazy...:)

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  • CL

    Cirel LIpskier -10 years ago

    Hey Teyveys
    And subsequent parts when?

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      Anonymous -10 years ago

      Re: Hey Teyveys
      IY"H monday night 8:30pm EST

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    Aharon Shapiro -10 years ago

    Number of Books
    Per the article in N'Shei Chabad Newsletter (page 22) excerpted from Rabbi Bogomilsky's book, "Barry had taken a total of about 550 seforim from the library. Of these he managed to sell about 100, and the remaining 450 were seized by the court and placed in bonded storage"

    "In total, Barry took in approximately $169,000 from the sales he conducted. Considering the various changes of seforim from dealer to dealer and to collectors, in the end it cost Lubavitch approximately $433,000 to retrieve the illegally sold seforim of the library"

    I understand that Barry had negotiated to sell the Ba'al Shem Tov's Siddur for a million dollars.

    For other Rabbi Paltiel's classes on Chamisha B'Teves - please go his web-site


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Yossi Paltiel

  • November 30, 2013
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  • 27 Kislev 5774
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Dedicated by THE CHANIN FUND- In honor of Yehuda Chanin, On the occasion of his birthday on the 9th of Teves. May he grow up to be a true Chassid, Yerei Shamayim, and Lamdan and give lots of nachas to his parents; Rabbi Mendy and Chanie Chanin

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