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Torah Or Reah Reiach #2: Yitzchak's Hopes for Eisav -- and Where He Went Wrong

How Klipa Lives

1 hr 6 min

Class Summary:

Torah Or Reah Rayach #2: Yitzchak's Hopes for Eisav -- and Where He Went Wrong. Klipa, how it lives. All it has it gets from G-d and defines itself by denying Him. How yitzchok hoped to uplift aisav, within his (Eisav's) own body. Why he was wrong and the sublimation must be through Yaakov. The external form of Eisav must be destroyed and only his inner life and energy preserved.


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  • DHB

    Dovid halevi Benveniste -9 years ago

    Or maybe just "bench like a mentsch?

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Yossi Paltiel

  • November 22, 2014
  • |
  • 29 Cheshvan 5775
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