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A Nation Continuously in Question: The Future of the Jewish People

48 min

Class Summary:

This lecture presented at the A-Time Shas-A-Thon on Sunday, Shevat 26, 5775, February 15, 2015, when hundreds of Jews completed Shas together. A journey into the story of the Jewish nation, the power of Torah, and how to view the future of our children and our nation.

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  • YF

    Yisroel Feldman -9 years ago

    Thanks for such a powerful speech (someone who wasn't there really missed out)
    Just a small hosofa on the words Rabbi Jacobson quoted from the Chidushei Hari"m ,the Pnei Menachem quotes this chidushei hari"m in the Torah of shabbos tshuva and added on the following,
    When talking of gashmios everyone understands that they should be first chyacho kodmin but by ruchnios people are always busy correcting others ,
    Says the Pnei Menachem by ruchnios al achas kamo vkamo that it should be chyacho kodmin like the gemorah says kshot atzmaco tchilo correct yourself first and afterwards you could be busy correcting others. Thanks Yisroel Feldman

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  • D

    Déborah -9 years ago

    Can someone help me why is it that all the buttons work besides play!!!
    I'm trying this from a mobile Android moto g. It is solo frustrating.
    Thanks In advance

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  • YR

    Yakov Rothschild -9 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this energized amazing speech, with such a powerful message.

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  • M

    mendel -9 years ago

    Under normal circumstances there are total Talmudic disputes where there are bright line differences of opinion.

    However, in this case, there is no dispute as even רבי עקיבא נ believes that our thoughts should go in the direction of not being able to witness the demise of a fellow Jew.

    And therefore, it is only after (and because) that he ruled that the person has to preserve his own life, that we are permitted (or in fact obligated) to follow his ruling.

    However, absent that, and even after that (on a moral/ethical/spiritual level we are not supposed to witness the demise of a fellow Jew.

    I do not believe that this is inconsistent with what you were trying to say.

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  • S

    suri -9 years ago

    Thank you so much. What a powerful lesson. To see whiteness.

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