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What To Do About the Terror In Israel? A New Approach

What Is the Cause of This Bloodshed?

1 hr 17 min

The Fogel family, murdered in their home in Itamar on Friday night, March 11, 2011

Class Summary:

This lecture was presented at the University of Vermont, on November 11, 2010, to "Building Bridges," a Christian and Jewish group supporting Israel. What To Do About the Terror In Israel? A New Approach. Parents and three children of the Fogel family were murdered Friday Night in their home in the town of Itamar. What is the cause of this bloodshed? What's in the mind of man who slits the throat of a 3-month old baby?

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    How do you justify theft ?

    How do you justify that the jewish people forced it's way into the land from which G-d himself chased them away untill further notice ?

    Who allowed zionism to deny the fact that that the jewish people is still in gallus ?


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    • Anonymous -6 years ago

      Please think about my following words with an open, truthful mind.
      Let's say your child is playing by the open window. You tell him, please go away, it is too dangerous. He does not listen. And heaven forbid falls out the window. Do you run down and take him to the hospital and save his life, or do you ignore him because he misbehaved?
      There are millions of Jews living in Eretz Yisroel. They are surrounded by enemies who wish their destruction rachmana litzlan. Should they be protected? If we do not protect them, c"v the enemy will come in and murder our brothers and sisters heaven forbid. When we give territory to them, it brings them closer to our homes and streets and they use that new space to send suicide bombers and missiles. So what do you think Hashem wants the Jewish people to do?   

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    • Anonymous -2 years ago

      You are talking thro your hat

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  • JD

    John Dittmann -7 years ago

    If you want to stop the terror against Israel, you must stop committing acts of terror against the Palestinian people

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    • J

      J -3 years ago

      😅😅😅Good joke 

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    • Anonymous -8 months ago

      Take a vacation in Ramallah!

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  • G

    GUSTAVO -11 years ago

    Es increible, en un mundo tan egoceéntrico como el que vivimos, esta reflexión es como una llamita de una vela en la oscuridad absoluita.

    Hay una fuerza más allá de nosotros que nos guía hacia adelante, a diferencia del egocentrismo que nos tira hacia abajo.

    Lo acabo de imprimir para leer en una mesa de amigos mañana por la noche.

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  • S

    Susana -11 years ago

    Muy buen articulo! nos deja reflexionando.

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  • SE(

    Sarah Esther (Israel) -13 years ago

    Diaspora Jews need to do more than make good speeches
    Eretz Israel: A precious gift to the Jewish people that you wonderful Rabbi don't yourself even appreciate. Why don't you show YOUR love of the land and MOVE TO ISRAEL? The truth is, that the only reason Israel will probably be forced to give the "palestinians" half of Israel is because millions of diaspora Jews with birthrights to the land didn't want it. It's a nice place to talk about but it is just too much trouble for you all to come live here. Bibi et al can/will not hold it for you until you get around it. If you all want it. If you want to keep the land for US, please, I beg you, COME NOW. There isn't much time left and we will have noone to blame but ourselves.

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    • R

      Ruben -13 years ago

      Re: Diaspora Jews need to do more than make good speeches
      Unfortunately, Sarah Esther is absolutely right. The terrorists are bad people and many in the world hate us but at the end of the day the real problem is us. Lip service by rhetorically correct diaspora Jews won't save Israel from becoming Palistan, but millions of Jews willing to put their feet where their mouth is and move to Israel just might! It would also stop the Arabs and the rest of the world from laughing at us because they would see that we take our rights and heritage seriously. An Arab once said to me (and he was absolutely correct): "If you Jews just acted like you believed your G-d and owned this land we Arabs would back right down. The Arabs know who we are; they respect us when we do what we are supposed to do. People like Obama would too... but first we have to say (shout if necessary) loud and clear: THIS IS OUR LAND! IT WAS GIVEN TO US BY THE ALMIGHTY IN AN ETERNAL COVENANT FOR HIS HOLY PURPOSE. The settlements are NOT ILLEGAL. HERE IS OUR DEED TO THE LAND, and (most important) YES OF COURSE I WANT TO LIVE THERE.... The whole argument depends on US BELIEVING THIS AND DOING OUR PART OF THE COVENANT.

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      • M

        Michale -13 years ago

        Re: Diaspora Jews need to do more than make good speeches
        Ruben and Sarah, you are both right, partially. Rabbi Jacobson and a lot of other Rabbis do their destiny to be with Jews whatever they are, provide them with guidance, teach the Torah. This is so important job you can’t imagine. Prepare Jews for coming Mashiach Era is not less, maybe more important job that to come to Israel. One Rabbi told me that when all his shul’s members will move to Israel he will move too. To leave Jews without their support will be “death” signature for those who been left behind in Diaspora. Some Rabbis have moved here, in Israel, already. Others are in process. But they can’t move all. I believe that everything is Hashem’s plan. If you believe in this too, that you will trust to what this Rabbi is doing. He is great scholar and gives us his knowledge that he receives from Above Spiritual World. Everyone Jew, alive or died, will come to Israel ON TIME. I think as you that time for Jews in Diaspora is now. But not everyone agrees with us and not everyone can see the situation. Do you remember how many Jews left Egypt? Only 20%, the rest died there. Torah told us that all history that happened with our forefathers will happen with us. We all wait for Mashiach to come now.

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  • M

    Michale -13 years ago

    Here is the answer who killed the Fogel family
    Two Arab Terrorists 19 and 18 year old from the same family, who received assistance from at least six others, four of them from their family, confess to the Fogel Massacre - without Regret http://www.israelnationalne... I read a book “Four Kingdoms” by M. Levusch, and our current time, was characterized as the fourth kingdom, Kingdom of Edom, “falling” kingdom. Nothing is has a price, including a human life. As we all know the next, the fifth Kingdom, will be Mashiach Kingdom.

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  • E

    Eli -13 years ago

    To the point
    This should be repeated, people in the west need to be educated on this. Rabbi Arichas Yamim keep bringing Moshiach closer!

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  • E

    Eli -13 years ago

    to the point
    Right on, right on, right on.

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  • C

    CARMELA -13 years ago

    Hashem,the People of Israel, and the Land of Israel

    T H A N K Y O U RABBI !!!






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  • JK

    jonathan kahanovitch -13 years ago

    achuds shabos in crown heights
    please spread the word, we need another achdus shabos in crown heights before pesach! yasher koach.

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  • A

    Ariel -13 years ago

    Superb! Clear, no-nonsense position! Thank you very much.

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  • A

    Anonymous -13 years ago

    nu rebbe zug ah chiddish

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  • I

    Inanna -13 years ago

    Are you going to speak or write about them soon?

    Everything else is out of date in the light of this even more egregious atrocity.

    We must counter the canard that a Jew born in Samaria is somehow an intruder in the universe who deserves to be killed.

    That IS what the world is saying.

    Did you know that none of the news media in Houston carried the story of the massacre? It wasn't worth mentioning--it wasn't even wrong.

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  • P

    P -13 years ago

    Do we know that the killer was a young Arab? We have terrible murders like this in the USA committed by crazed people of all kinds

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  • RGCM

    Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D. -13 years ago

    private communication
    Dear Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson,
    Thank you for your well articulated discussion.I am both an Israeli and U.S. citizen and was just in Hebron several months ago it is not only our ancestral home, but also the Cave of Macpelah is a potential entrance to Gan Eden which the Arabs will not allow Jews to explore. YOur talk was good as that it concretely challenges the "spiritual" ey'rev rah to wake up in a very clear way. I entirely agree with you.
    After listening to you and also being a member of Yeshiva.net I would be very interested in getting an endorsement from you on my forth coming book...Torah As aGuide to Enlightenment by Random House Press. It is about recognizing that our Torah Tradition is at its deepest level,about waking up to deveikut/chey'rut. Hopefully it will bring a broad spectrum of Am Israel back to the greatness of our roots. The final copy will be ready in the end of APril. My e-mail is [email protected]. I will also be available this Sunday in NYC where I am vsiting some of my grandchildren. My cell is 520-604 6566.
    Shalom, Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

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  • KC

    Karen Cohen -13 years ago

    Rabbi Jacobson:
    In light of all the unspeakable acts of terrorism, we must take your message and spread it far and wide: "Say no to the lies of fake peace. Say yes to the truth. The land of Israel is Hashem's gift to the Jewish people." May the Fogel family be blessed with comfort that we the Jewish nation are with them. We all need to stop stuttering.....

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  • EB

    Elisheva Blum -13 years ago

    [email protected]
    Gedaliah (Ken) and I were at the horrible funeral of the 5 Fogel family members yesterday... I wrote the following this morning, amidst many tears.

    Dear friends and family,

    You probably would have never met Udi and Ruti Fogel, but let me introduce them to you.

    They were simple people of the land, content in raising their 6 children in Itamar of the Shomron. Content with affecting small changes, reaching out to people whenever they could. And above all- constantly striving for harmony. Harmony in living life in accordance to our Torah, with our people, in our land.

    But pure evil entered this holy house last Friday night. Amalek, evil searching out the most holy, the most high, the most pure. It was the spirit of Haman, not able to stand seeing beautiful Jewish souls standing in defiance. Not able to see simple pride, rooted, standing on our land. Standing home.

    And so.. they sought to destroy. 5 souls. We lost Udi, Ruti, 11 year Yoav, 4 year old Elad and 3 month old Hadas. My Husband and I stood with tens of thousands yesterday, stood in horror and unbelievable grief. Stood before their bodies. Saying farewell.

    Just meters from us, coming off a bus with the remaining shards of her family, we saw Tamar Fogel... The eldest daughter, 12 years old, who was the one to find the bleeding ruins of her parents, her brothers and sister late Friday night. We saw her, this mere CHILD, keening.. keening.. not able to move from the foot of the vehicle, not able to go towards the 5 bodies.. of her Ema, Abba, Yoav, Elad and baby Hadas.

    We saw.. And all who saw broke down.

    How to bear the pain?!

    What do we DO? How do we help her, this little girl. This mere child.

    But then.Then the answer came.

    It came from Ruti's brother, in his eulogy over his sister's body.

    He turned to us all.

    And I implore you in his words.

    Am Yisrael, my people

    התנערי מעפר קומי

    Stand up

    Stand up my people

    Stand up.


    Shake yourselves awake.


    Shake off the ashes of Galut.

    Shake off those lies that bind you to a foreign land.

    לבשי בגדי תפרארתך עמי

    Where are you, O People of Israel?

    Have you forgotten?

    We have but ONE, tiny land.

    We have ONE HOME. THIS is our home.

    This and no other

    The blood of the Fogel family, butchered in their home for being proud Jews. THEIR BLOOD cries out from this land.

    You are not safe, my brothers and sisters. They will find you there, they will find you anywhere.

    But look at the faces of your children TODAY, and ask yourselves, is my life as I live it right now- is it worth fighting for, is it worth DYING for?

    I looked around at ten thousand faces yesterday and I saw, amid the grief, I saw incredible beauty. I saw strength, I saw power..

    For we KNOW. We KNOW what we are living for. And if we must, if we are called, we know what we die for.

    We are going to build, to grow, to continue on with all that we have. With our tears and with our last breath.

    We are going to LIVE. HERE.



    Where are you?


    This is our history, being written- right HERE right NOW.



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    • Anonymous -8 months ago


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  • RC

    roslyn chinsky -13 years ago

    family slaughter
    Only cowards do such things. Afraid to come face to face with their victims,

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  • QE

    Queen Esther -13 years ago

    This is fantastic. It must be spread and shared as much as possible. I pasted it on my Facebook account and also sent it to my e-mail list which includes some at Fox, some Jewish organizations, politically conservative friends and liberal friends and relatives as well.

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  • KT

    Kayo, Tokyo -13 years ago

    Jewish Pride
    I am so proud to be a Jewish Convert!

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  • HC

    H.Hershel Cukier -13 years ago

    GEVALD,GEVALD.Vyinkom dam avodov Hashofuch.Unfortunately
    this week we are again reminded of the absolute truth
    of Rabbi Jacobsons message.

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  • S

    Sarah -13 years ago

    What an extraodinary, emotional, clear, breathtaking (entertaining as well)lecture!!
    Thanks for posting!! Perfectly reminds us all of how compromise doesn't bring peace---only more terror!!

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  • KT

    Kayo, Tokyo -13 years ago

    I will speak clearly
    It is verd sad that we have to face this day. But thank you very much for chronological explanation for the absurdity of going back to 1967 line. "The Israel's action - giving pieces to Arabs- will just toxicate them"- is very true. The Middle East mentality is something I needed to know. I will try my best to speak clearly as a Jewish convert. I am sorry that there were some protestors on you way. I want you to try to broadcast your message at Fox News in prime time. Thak very very much.

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Lecture, University of Vermont

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • March 14, 2011
  • |
  • 8 Adar II 5771
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