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Basi L'Gani 5715 - Shiur 7 (Final):

Three Ways to Deal With Addiction: Subjugation, Repression and Transformation

1 hr 39 min

Class Summary:

The partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge transformed the vocabulary of the human race. Prior to the sin of the tree, the prism used by man to classify cravings, events and ideas was whether they were false or true. If they were true he embraced them; if they were false, he rejected them. In the aftermath of the sin, a paradigm shift occurred in the psyche of man: Now the primary barometer of the significance of things became dependent upon them being bad or good, not true or false. The class explores three ways of dealing with our addictions, bad habits and immoral instincts: Subjugation, repression and transformation. It also explains the true meaning of Tznius, or modesty.

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  • CY

    Chaim Yankel -9 years ago

    As addicts we get a huge high off of kedusha and we use it in addiction and we can fall so much lower and harder because of it - we have to understand that complete honesty and connection to G-d is necessary - no highs will help you - it most times will work against us. Because our souls are more sensitive we feel things so much more real. Unless we surrender to gods will completely and stop EVERY game we have , we will self destruct to the core. We will use false highs and therefore get real small glimpses of emes, and shlep that into addiction to keep us fueled. Thats enough to keep me out of recovery.

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