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"He Is Mine!" The Life of Reb Dovid Raskin

The Soul of a "Knotted" Chassid Who Declared "Hinani!"

35 min

Class Summary:

At the first yartziet of Reb Dovid Raskin, on 7 Iyar 5772 (2012), Rabbi YY Jacobson presented this tribute to this devoted Chassid of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, chairman of Lubavitch Yourh Orgonozation, principle of Teshivas Tomechei Temimim. The speech explored the tife story of a "knotted" chassid who declared "Hinani!"

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  • DHB

    Dovid Halevy Benveniste -9 years ago

    Vuz gibt??Recording sound...such a big technology????? Also the videos.

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • April 27, 2015
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  • 8 Iyyar 5775
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