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Likkutei Torah V'Nikdashti #5: Why Do Married Women Cover Their Hair?

What Hair Represents in Kabbalah

1 hr 11 min

Class Summary:

Emor - Maamar V’nikdashti #5

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  • L

    Laneri -9 years ago

    Hello Rabbi Yossi Paltiel,
    Though I am new in observance of Jewish laws, but feel pretty comfortable with additional burdens that Torah puts on us.
    There is only one small detail, covering the hair with shaihal (is it a right word for a wig?), seems for me a problem, whereas hats and shawl are okay. I tried to find out what exactly it is about shaihal, that I don’t like: traditional image of a Jewish woman that I have in my memory, kids’ Nonsense “ A man in a wig is like a man on a pig”, that I learned in my childhood, or something deeper, that has connection to my soul. Your class and the class of Rabbi Yaakov Brawer on Samach Vov gave me a chance to make my mini investigation in that direction and here is my summary:
    If we could watch the chain of evolution of G-dly light from above to below we would see that outer layers of ALYON becomes inner layers of TAHTOIN and if we want to go farther, following this principle, we will discover etiology of clipa. A shell, as we perceive it in our world might be from a higher source, from the inner layer of light. You explained us that human hair is a clipa that differs from other clipot, as it partially a metaphor of the Ain Sof itself and partially a result of chain of evolution from upper to lower.
    So, from one hand human hairs are channels for blessings, from another hand it came from the holiest place ( Nazarit has to burn his hair with KORBON on altar) and as such has more potential for TUMA.
    All this brought us to the law for a woman to cover her hair. Fine! As soon as we are going to block PNIMIOUs vs. HATZOINIOS evolutional chain it has sense. A shawl or a hat, both have nothing to do with hair, and might serve as blockers. But Shaihal is made of hair, it’s a reflection of what we try to block and as such it perpetuate PNIMIOUs vs. HATZOINIOS evolutional chain farther but without any connection to G-dliness and His evolution. Clipa becomes double.
    I wish I am wrong in my logic, just tell me where?
    Thank you very much for your classes. To learn Chassidism from you and from Rav Brawer is like learn both art and science of it.

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  • K

    Keren -9 years ago

    How does this fit with what we are taught that at the bedekin the schina moves from the kallahs face to her hair?

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  • S

    sholom -9 years ago

    Lovely shiur. Beautifully explained. Why do yuo pronouce saarois with a shin?

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Yossi Paltiel

  • May 19, 2015
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  • 1 Sivan 5775
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