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Outgoing Women: The Story of Dina and Leah -- Likkutei Sichos Vayishlach

Why Was Dina Going out to See the Girls of Shechem?

1 hr 5 min

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Class Summary:

In this text based class on Likkutei Sichos vol. 30 Vayishlach we explore the unique relationship between Dinah and her mother Leah as extroverted women.

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  • G

    Gabriel -5 years ago

    Another pshat of yaakov's "chet" of hiding dina

    The Alter From Kelm says that the issue was that yaakov closed the teva a little to shtark. He didnt do it with remorse.

    The message for us being that although we need to, for example, let go of a chavruta for our own good even though you know he'll drown without you, you should do so with a sense of feeling bad.

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  • E

    Eli -6 years ago

    Outgoing Women

    It's says that is based on Likutei Sichot volume 30.
    I think that is based on Likutei Sichot 35.

    All your classes are amazing and very deep. I already indicated the app to many mekuravim, and one of them listened to it every night a shiur! Shkoiach

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    • RYJ

      Rabbi YY Jacobson -6 years ago

      This is correct. The source is Likutei Sichos 35.

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    תרגום יונתן

    I was listening to "Outgoing Women" where you asked the crowd for a source that Yosef was switched with Dina. I have no idea what year the shiur is from but one source is Yonasan ben Uziel:

    :תרגום המיוחס ליונתן - תורה בראשית פרק ל פסוק כא

     וּמִן בָּתַר כְּדֵין יְלֵידַת בְּרַת וּקְרַת יַת שְׁמָהּ דִינָה אֲרוּם אַמְרַת דִין הוּא מִן קֳדָם יְיָ דִיהוֹן מִנִי פַּלְגוּת שִׁבְטַיָא בְּרַם מִן רָחֵל אַחֲתִי יִפְקוּן תְּרֵין שִׁבְטִין הֵיכְמָא דִנְפָקוּ מִן חָדָא מִן אַמְהָתָא וּשְׁמִיעַ מִן קֳדָם יְיָ צְלוּתָא דְלֵאָה וְאִיתְחַלְפוּ עוּבָּרַיָא בִּמְעֵיהוֹן וַהֲוָה יָהִיב יוֹסֵף בִּמְעָהָא דְרָחֵל וְדִינָא בִּמְעָהָא דְלֵאָה

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