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The Power of the Mikvah

Before Intimacy, a Sacred Space Beyond Abuse

39 min

Class Summary:

At a grand reception celebrating a new stunning women's Mikvah in Pittsburgh, November 24, 2015 (12 Kislev 5776), Rabbi YY Jacobson explored the secret of the Mikvah in Jewish history and how it embodies the resilience and faith of the Jewish people in a brighter tomorrow.  
The Talmud relates a story: Three sages, Rabbi Gamliel, Rabbi Yehusha, and Rabbi Akiva, went to a meat market to buy meat for the wedding feast of Rabban Gamliel's son. While in the meat market, Rabbi Akiva asked Rabban Gamliel and Rabbi Yehosuah, about the meaning of the verse in Vayishlach that the sun rose for Jacob: "Did the sun just shine for Jacob? It shone for everyone!"

There are many conversations people can have in meat markets. Why did Rabbi Akiva decide to discuss the sun shining for Jacob after his fight in the midst of the night? And what were the three greatest sages of the generation doing in a meat market purchasing a cow? These were the greatest scholars of leaders of the generation. Could they not ask one of their pupils or assistants to go and buy the meat for the wedding?

Perhaps it is in this story that we encounter one of the most empowering truths about our people and our history.

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  • LT

    Ludo Tausch -7 years ago

    Collective Jewish Trauma

    In search of healing the impact of the Diaspora and Holocaust, what I call, the Collective Jewish Trauma, what could be described as, a wound in the Heart of Oneness ( Oneness with G-D, and people), I got very interested about the Mikvah. So to use the Mikvah as purification/healing for emotional wounds, what could be called PTSD. I have not yet found, in a very young search, anything that would indicate that it is been used for this matter. Hence I would love to get in touch with people who might want to share their opinions or insights on this issue. Thank you.

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    • RG

      Rosalie Gerut -3 years ago

      I had a dream in my childhood fraught what led to PTSD where I was brought to the Mikvah.

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • November 29, 2015
  • |
  • 17 Kislev 5776
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Dedicated by Martin and Ellen Cury to our brothers and sisters in Israel and that the class will tip the balance for our protection and redemption.

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