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Two Sages Debate the Nature of Pharaoh's Evil

The Views of Rav Vs. Shmuel Throughout Talmud: G-d Or Man?

1 hr 13 min

Class Summary:

“Now there arose a new king over Egypt,” the Torah states. It seems like a simple verse, but the Talmud and Rashi quote a debate: Rav and Shmuel differ. One explains: Actually a new king, and the other explains: Heissued new decrees.



But why would they debate this issue? This class explores a common thread pervading many of the arguments between Rav and Shmuel throughout the Talmud. Do we give preference to our duties to G-d or to man?

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  • B

    BM -6 years ago

    Thanks for you're inspiration. After shiur of 2 sages debate pain one of listeners say that it's not a machlokes etc. Just wanted to say that I think it says that R Yochanan stood up for a zoken ashmai because he must of gone through a lot in life already ... so you see that R yochanan agrees with resh lokish's point. In gemara Brachos gemara brings R yochanan's view and then says vheini dresh lokish which implies their is agreement to a certain extent (At Least.)

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  • N

    Noach -7 years ago

    Vayichad Yisroi – says rashi, chidudin chidudin. Two pshotim, he was happy and excited and also, somewhat sad for his all ‘mates’ from mitzraim.
    Rashi doesn’t say so, but it is a gemoro in Sanhedrin 94a. Machloikes Rav and Shmuel. Rav, he took a knife – why, to do milah and become a ger. Shmuel, chidudin chidudin – he was upset for his old mates…

    Mamesh lishotosoi – again!!! Rav – thinking bein odeom lemokom….. he did milah !!!
    Shmuel – think about the human being, the human psyche… deep down he was upset for his old friends..!!

    It’s wonderful to see how the explanation of the Rebbe fits in every machloikes we came across between Rav and Shmuel

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  • M

    mendel -8 years ago

    See Ben Yehoyada to Eiruvin ibid. Fits very nicely.

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  • E

    ezriel -8 years ago

    Address please

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    • Y

      yaakov -8 years ago

      18 Forshay road, Monsey, NY, every Sunday morning 930 AM

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