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Basi Legani 5716 #3: The False Letters

Holy Vs. unholy Humility

1 hr 18 min

Class Summary:

Maamar Basi Legani 5716 #3

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    Moshe -5 years ago

    So he created our lowest  if worlds.
    Great. Why create the higher worlds then,  filled with melochim? To consult  with before r
    creating  our world? To argue with bere giving us the Torah? Waa He lonely? Did he feel better doing what He wanted to anyway  by creating what the English call "Her Majesty's loyal  opposition"? 
    And the whole  "desire to have a dira" thing.  Was He unfulfilled? Bored? Lonely? 
     et all creations are part of Him anyway..    
     So He set up this cosmic elaborate  board game.  And we are the  pieces  on the  board.  With free will yet. He even knows the endgame  not being restricted by mere time. 

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  • A

    Aryeh -5 years ago

    The Arizal says adam atem- only the neshamas of clal Yisroel were included in Adam harishon and if he had not sinned the nations of the world would not have emanated.

    Still the perspective of the Lubavitcher Rebbe provides expansiveness beyond conventional thinking and facilitates a more holistic approach with our worldy cousins.  It is said that the Kozhnitzer Maggid spent hours talking with non-Jewish peasants...   


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