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An Eye for an Eye?

Why the Discrepancy Between the Written and Oral Traditions of Judaism?

2 hr 9 min

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An Eye for an Eye - Sunday Class - 1/31/2016

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  • Anonymous -5 months ago

    I have a friend with Lou Gerhrig's disease.  He can't talk.  He can't move.  He can't eat. He is affecting the Ayin above due to no fault of his own. Is Hashem damaged by his condition?   What kind of payment must Hashem pay for his suffering?

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  • F

    Fahal -1 year ago


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  • shmuel רוזנבלום -2 years ago

    מדהים.שיעור למדני ומרתק.

    [email protected]

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  • M

    madeline -7 years ago

    Thank you for this amaizing class, it's real pleasure!

    It came to my mind and wanted your opinion.
    Since everything is a mirror of the energetic reality, can we say that in the case of a damage to a physical limb we have to fix it in 5 different levels with "kesef" , so to fix a damage or disconnection between nefesh habahamis and the 5 dimensions of the nefesh Elokis is also thru "kesef" yearning, being aware of the void….????

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  • S

    Sholom -8 years ago

    Thank you Rabbi Jacobson for the beautiful insightful shiur which opened up worlds in Torah behind just 3 short words. I now understand many ways of understanding how the Rabbis interpreted the posuk and and the justification and understanding of how the oral and written Torah can be written so differently, in fact opposing each other.
    But what i dont understand is, what is the REASON why Hashem decided that ayin tachas ayin eye for an eye and the other examples in the posuk should have a different penalty system as opposed to where one murders someone in which case the penalty is literally a soul for a soul. I understand what the Ibn Ezra brings from R' Saadiya Geon why we can't have the same penalty system like a soul for a soul, but that seems more of a technical answer. What is the actual reason?

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • January 31, 2016
  • |
  • 21 Sh'vat 5776
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Leilu Nishmas Reb Eliyahu Tzion ben Reb Chananya Niasoff ז״ל
And in the merit of our partner in Torah, Yigal Yisroel ben Sofia, שיחי׳

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