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Peace Between My Stable and Unstable Self

Linking the Breast Plate & the Apron; the Lunar and Solar Personalities

1 hr 7 min

Class Summary:

This class, presented to women, explores the meaning behind the unique mitxvah of linking the apron to the breast-plate, the afod to the choshen. 

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  • TS

    Tuvia Serber -1 year ago

    Sources missing

    Hi! Thank you for your shiur. 

    I looked up the source you mention at the beginning of the class, Zain Adar 5748. However the Rebbe doesn't mention anything about what you are saying (regarding the garments of the Cohen Gadol).

    I'd like to know please the source from the Rebbe where he mentions, even briefly, the idea of choshen (tzadikim) and efod (baalei yeshiva).

    Thank you!

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    • YYJ

      Yosef Yitzchak Jacobson -1 year ago

      Sorry, the date was 21 Adat 5748. Sefer Hasichos 5748 vol. 1 p. 314

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