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Torah Or Vaeira Vayedaber Elokim #2: Relative Truth Or Absolute Truth?

Why We Needed to Endure Exile Before Becoming G-d’s Nation

1 hr 13 min

Class Summary:

Why We Needed to Endure Exile Before Becoming G-d’s Nation. Studying the book of Torah Or Vaeira Maamar Vayedaber Elokim -- Second and Final Class

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  • SC

    Shmuel C. -12 years ago

    Maskil and Oived
    Dear Rabbi Paltiel my teacher my father, Forgive me if this question is nonsensical: would an accurate classification of Oived or Maskil be possibly traced back to the Talmud Horyos of Oiker Harim or Sinai... Or in the Talmud Sanhedrin where Rava laments proficiency in the most intricate topics of Jewish law wasnt as superior as R Yehuda who was less knowledgeable but had his prayers answered for, for he had heart???? Thank you ahead, Shmuel C.

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    • A

      Anonymous -12 years ago

      Re: Maskil and Oived

      I wouldn’t link it to Sinai and Oker Harim but I would link it to Rav Yochonon ben Zakai and Rav Chanina Ben Dosa in Brachos (no Gemara near me now for daf reference). Rav Yochonon said of Rav Chanina he’s as a servant who has acces to the most private pleces and is “Aili blo Bar” can enter with no invitation and the like.

      Which Gemara in Sanhedrin are you referring to?

      I don’t mind being called a friend or teacher but your father? Aint that a bit much?

      Your friend, Y. Paltiel.

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Yossi Paltiel

  • January 20, 2012
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  • 25 Tevet 5772
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In loving memory of the grandfather of "THE CHANIN FUND" Reb ChaikelBen Reb Schneur Zalman Yitzchok Chanin. For his Yartzeit, 6 Shvat

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