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Likkutei Torah Ki Seitzei Ki Siyenah L'Eish #1: A Tale of Two Souls

We Operate On Two Levels of Consciousness

1 hr 45 min

Class Summary:

Likkutei Torah Ki Tezei Maamar Ki Siyenoh Le'ish #1. How We Operate On Two Levels of Consciousness: an animal consciousness and a Divine consciousness. The struggle between them and how we must deal with it and discover harmony in our psyche. The ultimate solution is not obliteration but enlightenment and education. This class was delivered during the week of Pinchas 5776, July 2016, in Ohr Chaim, Monsey, NY.

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    Meir -5 years ago

    Are These the Same: "נשמה אלהית" and the "יצר טוב"; As are the "יצר רע" and the "נפש בהמית"; Or Are They Separate Entities?

    The question arose, "What's the difference between the "נשמה אלהית" and the "יצר טוב", and between their counterparts?

    How the "יצר טוב" and the "נשמה אלהית" relate to each other wasn't discussed.

    Their opposing counterparts, the "יצר רע" and the "נפש בהמית", I understood are different in that the latter can evolve to different degrees of fragmentaion from whence bad traits can manifest subtly or more grossly, representing the former, but does mean the two terms imply two different "things"? 

    Sincerely confused on this.

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • July 27, 2016
  • |
  • 21 Tamuz 5776
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Dedicated in the loving memory of Reb Nachum ben Mayer Z"L, by his son Dr. Michael Muschel

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