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To Find Yourself In Hashem Or to Lose Yourself In Hashem?

Searching for Spiritual Perfection Or Searching for Truth?

2 hr 10 min

Artist: Zalman Kleinman | Chaiartgallery.com

Class Summary:

Likkutei Torah Tazria Maamar Sos Tasis #1: To Find Yourself In Hashem Or to Lose Yourself In Hashem?

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  • Anonymous -4 years ago


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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    the 2 loves

    Dearest harav Jacobson,

    First I want to thank you very much for your morning chassidus classes. For a long time I couldn't find an enjoyable way for learning chassidus and recently I started listening almost everyday to your likkutie torah shiurim and its very enjoyable.

    I'm in the middle of sos tosis and I was thinking that perhaps you need to graduate from ahava of nahenin meziv to the ahava of me li.

    I was also thinking that perhaps its nigleh that can produce a healthy ahava of nehenin and its chassidus that produces the ahava of me li.

    And perhaps a metaphor could be a trampoline that you use the strong sturdy frame to support your body and to lift you off the ground and then you constantly aspire to jump higher and higher but you need a solid base to always catch you when you land and to propel you even higher the next time. So too a yid needs a solid base of tanach and nigleh to lift him above the earth and chassidus can then inspire him to jump higher than the parameters of his current world but he needs the solid base of nigleh to land safely and to reach even higher in the future.

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  • SL

    Shmuel Lemon -7 years ago

    If I understood you correctly you said the following.

    A lower level of involvement in Torah is searching for spirituality as the goal, via the truth. This is because one still wants to retain one’s own identity as a separate being, whilst being a spiritual person. A higher level is searching for the truth as the goal because one wants to immerse oneself in it. This entails nullifying ones total personal / unique being (bitul utzmi)

    I’m a bit confused. I understand it like this. A person who wants to “live the truth” wants to utilise all his UNIQUE talents / characteristics / strengths /virtues whilst being immersed in the truth. It is the greatest form of self-development. Correct one is not aiming for that but that is what automatically happens. Only ones personal subjective desires one nullifies but never ones uniqueness. Am I not correct?
    If this is what you meant, it didn’t come across like that in the shiur.

    What is so so sad is that many many frum people are involved in idolatry (as you said recently at the Amudim awareness event), which is the opposite of the truth.
    The CONCEPT of searching for the truth is non-existent.
    This is NORO VE’OYOIM!

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Likkutei Torah Tazria Sos Tasis #1

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • August 17, 2016
  • |
  • 13 Av 5776
  • |

Dedicated in the loving memory of Reb Nachum ben Mayer Z"L, by his son Dr. Michael Muschel

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