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The Innocent Eisav: How We Destroy Many a Child

The Torah Text Compels Us to Empathize with Eisav

1 hr 20 min

Class Summary:

This class was presented to women on Tuesday Parshas Toldos,  Nov. 29, 2016, at Ohr Chaim, Monsey, NY. In this class, Rabbi YY Jacobson answers the big question, how can we call Eisav a Rasha if his fate was predetermined in the womb of his mother? As it turns, out Judaism creates special space for struggle, and so should we. What G-d wants from you is not what He wants from me. Children should ever be compared to each other. 

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  • PK

    Pinchus Krieger -4 years ago

    The Innocent Eisav:The Torah Text Compels us to Empathize with Eisav

    Horav Yaakov Kaminetzky once attended a Rebbe's meeting in his son's  Rav Binyomin's yeshiva  in Hewlett Long Island , Yeshiva Toras Chaim.At the meeting he said פשט אין חומש דארף מען לערנען ווי רשי און פשט אין רשי דארף מען לערנען ווי דער מזרחי referring to Reb Eliyahu Mizrachi which was first printed after his petira in Venice 1527.

    I have taught these פרשיות for many years. I taught the Chumash according to Rashi's p'shat and Rashi's p'shat according to the Mizrachi's p'shat. I'll give you an example: In Parshas Vayeitzi chapter 30 where Lavan & Yaakov make a deal involving the dotted and spotted goats and reddish brownish lambs, the Mizrachi writes a full page explaining  Rashi's p'shat in the deal. The הואיל משה Prague 1612 asks numerous questions on the Mizrachi and gives a different p'shat in Rashi.I taught my talmidim p'shat in Chumash , as the Mizrachi explains Rashi's p'shat in Chumash.

    However I must say that after hearing the Rov's shiur to just allow yourself to read the text, I find this thought to be very beautiful - thinking outside of the box as the Rov always does.

     Thank you.


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  • P

    Pinchas -4 years ago


    What an amazing  shiur. After listening to this shiur ,one looks at Parshs Toldos and Eisev from a different angle. How beautiful!
    Now I would just like to know the source of this shiur.
    Thank you again,

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    • Anonymous -4 years ago

      Thanks very much. I compiled it from many many sources; but the main and primary point of the shiur is based on a "sicha," an address, by the Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory, Shabbos Parshas Toldos 5741 (1980). Likkutei Sichos vol. 15 Parshas Toldos.

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  • Y

    yosef -6 years ago

    Avraham's Influence

    Your Shiurim on Yaakov and Esau have been really inspiring and I have enjoyed them immensely. Thank you. 
    I had an a question which, after listening to your shiurim on Yaakov and Esau I thought may be a question that either you thought of or might interest you. 
    rashi says that Avraham died early so he wouldn’t see Esau go off the derech and that is considered “seivah Tova.” Considering what Avraham did in his lifetime and the struggles of Esau and his potential, Avraham may have been a positive influence. Would Avraham really rather give up five years of his life and lose the chance to help Esau than die before he goes off the derech?

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    • Y

      YYJ -6 years ago

      One way of understanding this is that till Avraham passed on, Eisav was actually good and decent. This is based on the Zohar Toldos who maintains that Eisav actually grew up as a moral and upright young man, as a result of Avraham educating him. Also the Yalkut Shemoni suggests this same idea.

      So Avraham's passing may have been part of the cause of Eisav's decline, according to this view. (This is explained in Likkutei Sichos vol. 15 Toldos. Rashi has a different view.)

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    הפלא ופלא

    I cannot even begin to state how insightful this shiur is. It should be required listening for everyone who wants to be a parent or teacher, with yearly Chazoro. In addition to the main point, there were several other issues that were raised, including looking at the text of the Chumash and thinking aobut what it says, (as you know, this is the basis of the sefer I gave you, ואתה תחזה), what it means to be a Gadol as opposed to being a Tzaddik, and many other very choshuve nekudos.

    May Hashem give you the strength to go מחיל אל חיל, knowing that you speak the truth.

    Yasher koiach!

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  • S

    shaya -6 years ago

    Yaakov and Eisav at the same time

    In the past I asked you if it was ok to repeat your sermons to my students, and you encouraged it. I would like you to know that I have been listening to your Shiurim almost weekly and presenting them. This week I shares your shiur titled "How we destroy many a child". there was complete silence for the entire shiur and a few of my students came up to me saying that this was the best shiur I had ever taught, because it was so relevant to so many of them and so close to home. So Thank you on my behalf as well as on their behalf. 
    My students are fond of you and your teachings without having ever met you.
    Much continued Hatzlacha in presenting the proper approach to yiddishkeit.  
    They liked and connected to the idea that you are allowed to struggle, and it's OK if you don't fit into the box. I emphasized as you did that we cannot use the struggle as a license to go against the Torah as Esav ultimately did, however, a struggle is OK. I think they also liked the idea that we can be Yaakov at one point and Esav at another. 

    Most of them are modern orthodox, or at least from modern orthodox homes.

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Women's Toldos 5777 Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • November 29, 2016
  • |
  • 28 Cheshvan 5777
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Dedicated to all of our struggling children

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