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The Maamer of Tisha B'Av of 1914 and 1964

Three Levels of Ohr/Divine Light

56 min

Class Summary:

Maamer Keitz Sum Lachoshech 5724 - Class 1.

This is mostly an introduction. A summary of this מאמר which was said by the Rebbe Rashab in 1914, 50 years before the Rebbe said this discourse in 1964.
They are so different that in some aspects they are actually opposite. There are two reason for these differences. The first reason is because the rebbe Rashab said his as part of a המשך. It has one emphasis. While the rebbe's which is a stand-alone has a very different emphasis.
Additionally in our generation there is this preoccupation with everything being broke down, which was not nearly as strong two generations ago. Accordingly the two discourses are different.
In this discourse three levels of Ohr are discussed. But the point of them all is that the lowest level which reveals G-ddliness to the world is actually the greatest. Because though it is the least connected, it is most dedicated to its purpose, which is to reveal G-dliness in the world.

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