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The Spiritual Origin of Imago Therapy

Why Yaakov Is Buried with the Women He Never Chose

30 min

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This class, on the Maamar Einyan Ki Senuah Leah 5572 #2, was presented on 12 Kislev, 5777, December 16, 2016, at Ohr Chaim, Monsey, NY. We Search for Leah, but we do not know it. We think we want Rachel; really we want Leah. But if we would know it, we would never want it, because it opens us up to our deeper, unresolved issues. 

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    BW -6 years ago


    Rabbi Jacobson said towards the end, that it takes a lot of bitul and humility to begin a real relationship with the other person, with who they really are, but that hard work will then fuel and fascilitate true growth with both of them, as was the case of יעקב ולאה, which is the paradigm for all Jewish relationships. Maybe this is connected to the true relationship between כלל ישראל והקב"ה, which is symbolized by the relationship of משה רבנו והקב"ה, Moshe is כנגד ששים רבוא, etc. As it says in במדבר ז, א, and is brought down in ספרים הקדושים, that ויהי ביום כלות משה להקים את המשכן, that who is the כלה of משה? It's לאה, as is seen in the ר"ת of the words ל"הקים א"ת ה"משכן, and the משכן was the home of the Divine Presence, the place where a person had to go to elevate himself to his true self. The establishment of such a home, such a relationship, one that would elevate all of כלל ישראל to face their essential selves and therefore reach their full potentials, could only be fascilitated by a משה רבנו, who in fact was ענו מאד מכל האדם אשר על פני האדמה. 

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Maamar Ki Senuah Leah 5572 #2

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • December 12, 2016
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  • 12 Kislev 5777
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Dedicated by Binyomin Rutstein in honor of Sorah Zlata Chernick

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