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Why Did Yitzchak Love Eisav? Because That’s what a Father Does

How the Man Who Never Ceased to Dig Wells Taught Us and G-d How to Love

1 hr 39 min

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This women's class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Toldos, 25 Cheshvan, 5778, November 14, 2017, at Beis Medrash Ohr Chaim in Monsey, NY.

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  • S

    Sam -2 years ago

    Such love, he must have been emulting his forefarthers.

    Yup, the one who tried to murder his son based on a dream, and even when he was told to stopp he begged to be alowed to slit his sons throat. When he was stoped from doing that as well, he brutlised a lamb. 

    Ah, such love.

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    • ZS

      Zalmen Springer -2 years ago

      Ah, So the first time it was a dream and next time he was "told"? And how do you know of the story altogether? And since you are so knowledgeable with the Bible and it's commentators, can you give your opinion on Abraham's whole personality by taking in account all the stories recorded about him?

      Ah, such wisdom.

      Thank you for putting a smile to my face today.

      P.S. Forgive me for wasting my time with your Majesty my genius cynical friend.

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  • BC

    Boruch Chaim -6 years ago

    Yitzchok's Love for Eisav

    Rabbi YY, I really enjoy your shiurim al haparsha on the way to and from work every day. you shiur on Esav was gevaldig. I just found a Pirkie Dreb Eliezer Perek 38 which describes the scene that when Yaakov returned to Yitzchok's house he found Esav there which fits in to the rabbi was saying about Yiztchok relationship with Esav. I will copy the here. Kol Tuv and a Freilichen Chanukah. ולקח יעקב בניו ובני בניו ונשיו והלך לקרית ארבע אצל יצחק אביו ומצא שם את עשו ואת בניו ואת נשיו יושבים באוהל יצחק ותקע לו אהלו חוצה לה וראה יצחק את יעקב ואת נשיו ואת בניו ואת בנותיו ואת כל אשר לו לשנ"י בני"ו

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  • L

    Leibel -6 years ago

    Yitzchaks love for Eisav

    From the shiur "Why did Yitzchak Love Eisav" whereas Rashi seems to learn, and the m'sora today teaches children that Yitzchak was fooled.  Is it possible that it was a g'zeira min hashamayim that Yitzchak should be fooled and that there is some truth and value to that approach, as opposed to being delusional?  For example,  I understood from my rebbe the eyes of many of the Tzadikim in europe were closed to the g'zeira of what was imminent prior to WW II.

    In the Torah from the R Aaron m'Strashalev Avodas Haleiva Succos:  My understanding of us who are far away from Hashem actually being closer to be on condition that we have a yearning His'or'r'rus pining passion to be closer from Hashem.  Without that yearning we are not closer to Hashem when we are farther away...?

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  • E

    Ezra -6 years ago

    Why Did Yitzchak love Eisav?

    טעם גן עדן
    איזה שיעור מתוק, עמוק ונקי, ממש כמו היוצא מגן עדן, אה אשריך ואשרינו......
    כמה אהבה, כמה רומנטיות, כמה חמלה וכמה צימאון של הנשמה יש בשיעור שלך..
    בין היתר, אהבתי מאוד את ההסברים של המים שמגיע מתחת לאדמה ועוברת תהליכים קשים של בין הסלעים, אדמה קשה, לכלוך, עפר וכו' זה מים נקיים שאין כמותו ומחייה את הגוף והנשמה...מדהים כמה אני מתחבר לזה...
    כמובן אהבתי את ההסבר על אהבה שנובע מעצמיות ולא תלוי בדבר. 
    וכל התיאורים של יצחק עם עשו, ר' מאיר וכו' וגבורה...
    אחרון חביב, ווארט מדהים של המגיד על ר' מאיר שלמד אצל אלישע בן נבוי, תוכו אכל וקליפתו זרק.... פעם הראשונה שהנני שומע את זה, תודה רבה, מדהים ביותר...
    אגב ווארט כזה מתאים מאוד לבעל התניא, אך כנראה תלמיד כרבו.

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    Why did Yitzchok Love Eisav

    This week's shiur was truly beyond anything describable!

    I can't reiterate enough the mitzva of allowing many struggles mothers to receive the tools (shovels) to dig into their childrens hearts to discover the pure water flowing deep within...

    You make it easy and enjoyable for me and others like me to love our challenging but special boys... Rabbi Jacobson gives added strength to accept Hashem's will!

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    Lacking a Mother's Love

    The Seforno, when explaining Yitzchak's love for Eisav say that of course Yitzchak loved Yaakov, but he loved Eisav as well despite the fact that he wasn't as perfect as Yaakov. Rivka, on the other hand, only loved Yaakov because she saw what a rasha Eisav was.
    I don't want to sound off R"L or say something I shouldn't.  Eisav grew up and lacked his mother's love, with a mother who rejected him and didn't accept him .
    Is it possible to say that may have caused  him to stay off and not do teshuva?  We don't see anywhere such a thought and it might be inappropriate to say Rivka, our Matriarch might have...

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  • L

    Leah -6 years ago

    Rivkas's Mothering Eisav

    how about rivkah?
    I'd like to thank you for the joy and satisfaction I get from listening to your shiurim. Like you said last week  , after digging deeply and throwing aside the grit and stones ,there's nothing more clear and invigorating,then knowledge obtained thru suffering and unpeeling layers of mud. 
    I'm interested if you can build a shiur on rifkas  mothering of eisav. It bothers me that she really rejected him from when she was pregnant with him. This insecure attachment may have created his rishus. I know you say that at  the end she showed how she loves him by sending away yaakov and not eisav , since she recognized that he needs his father for survival, but still I'd be interested to learn about rifka more deeply like you painted a mural around yitzchak avinu.

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    • YY

      Yosef Yitzchok -6 years ago

      See Reb Shimshon Refoel Hirsh ztl on perek 25 possuk 27 and onwards who discusses the chinuch of the twins Yaakov and Esav. In possuk 28 he talks about how Yitzchok's love for Esav and Rivka love for Yaakov was a result of their own upbringing. Although we are discussing our Avos, he says we find Chazal didn;t refrain from discussing their failings in order for us to learn from them.

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  • M

    Meir -6 years ago

    Why did Yitzchak love Eisav?

    דברי מאיר חיים
    מה שכ"ת אמר בשם הרה"ק ר"ר מאיר'ל מפרעמישלאן מסה"ק דברי מאיר
    הרה"ק הביא אותו בשם הגה"ק רבי פייבל מבראדשין זי"ע. שהי' תלמיד מהגה"ק בעל אשל אברהם מבוטשאטש זי"

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago





    yakov was afraid to die and afraid to kill

    shemo yaharog es acherim

    acherim is R Meir in the Gemora

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Toldos Women’s Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • November 14, 2017
  • |
  • 25 Cheshvan 5778
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Dedicated by Rachel Sandman in loving memory of her mother, Sarah bas Mordechai, for her yartziet, 6 Cheshvan

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