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Basics of Emunah #29: Therapy, Mental Illness, Anxiety, Molestation

When Rabbis Disappoint; Why Not Get Rid of Religion? Why Do My Ancestors Obligate Me? When to Divorce?

2 hr 48 min

Class Summary:

Q &A:
Therapy, Mental Illness, Anxiety & Faith
Child Molestation
When Rabbis Disappoint
Why Not Get Rid of Religion?
Why Do My Ancestors Obligate Me?
Individuality & Chassidic Dress
Talent for Acting
When to Divorce
What Was the Opposition to Chassidus?

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  • E

    Edward -4 years ago

    Hello, this question is for Rabbi YY. I have been listening to the emunah series and I'm on lecture 29. I feel your lectures and making me see religion in a much more positive and loving light. Specifically in regards to the actual meaning of reward and punishment. However, perhaps I'm not completely clear on this because no matter what I read I see that a Jew is punished if he sins and rewarded if he follows the Torah. One example is Parsha Ki Savo 28/15 - 69 where it briefly mentions some blessings and goes in depth on the frightening curses filled with suffering and agony if we transgress the laws of the Torah. Throughout our history we saw lots of suffering from Bet Hamikdash 1 to the Holocaust. If HaShem truly does love every Jew like a mother or father loves their child no matter if he's a sinner or righteous why does the Torah clearly specify such harsh punishments?

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  • B

    Breuer -5 years ago

    I recently follow some of your Shiurim and can't thank you enough for their clarity.

    I want to thank you in particular for a recent Shiur in which a Baal T'shuvah asks about which Rabbi one can trust and is the world all about fame and money..I am not a Baal Tshuva (though I hope that one day I will be zoiche to Tshuvah Sheleima.) however this subject bothers me to no ends.

    Why does everything in Yiddishkeit seem to be about pump and publicity. Your answer was fantastic that we need a true relationship with Hashem rather than with Rabbi's etc. I too was brought very much the same way that the עיקר is the פנימיות and I try instilling this message into my children. The problem is I sometimes feel I am the only nutter thinking this way.

    I wish there could be more people like you who are not afraid of saying the truth in front of a audience. Thanks once again. חזק ואמץ !!

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  • A

    anonymous -6 years ago

    You mentioned in a shabbos farbrengen that had you been invited to the anti-Zionist rally at Nassau Colosseum mamesh the day of the 70th anniversary Israel Day parade, you would have said to them better  to go be mikarev a yid.
    Well, let me tell you a story from shul today.
    I was speaking to an Satmar drop out who comes to your shiur. When these guys find out I'm a BT, they often ask how shrimp or lobster tastes, etc. I tell about the typical BT story of growing up frei with details etc. His reaction, and remember he's a YY Shiur goer, is to say "Oh, you were a goy!" I corrected him with "tinok shenishba."
    That's how they think. That's how they're brainwashed. Not frum equals a goy. Mamash.
    So, when you suggest Satmar and others go mikarev a frei yid, remember they are taught to think of frei yidden as goyim.
    Why would they want to be mikarev a goy? First they must be dissuaded from thinking this way.
    We need to teach them that every Jew is a Jew is a Jew is a Jew!! We need to teach them what it says in so many books that no Jew can ever learn their inner core spark.

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    missing classes

    hi i dont find the classe #15 #18 and #28. 

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  • MA

    Moshe Aryeh -6 years ago


    This is the best movie I've watched in a long time! Instead of getting lost in a fantasy world I got uplifted.

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  • T

    test -6 years ago


    Source Sheet




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  • N

    Nossy -6 years ago

    speaking of leaving the room

    The same happened when Meir Kahane gave a speech in the Kneset, the crowd emptied out, but they waited outside the door to hear what he had to say

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  • E

    Eric -6 years ago


    I was moved by this teaching.  There is such wisdom, perspective, and compassion in the perspectives put forth.

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  • בת

    בעל תשובה -6 years ago

    סוף סוף


    שלום וברכה!

    ראשית כל תודה על כל השיעורים וההתוועדויות ממש מחיה נפשות!

    בתור בעל תשובה שמחתי סוף סוף לשמוע איזו התייחסות לנושא המשבר אצל בעלי תשובה שבא כתוצאה מהתפכחות מסויימת  לאחר שמבינים שלכולם ישנן חסרונות וכן שמעתי בשם המהר"ל אולי פירוש למה שהרב דיבר על המשנה באבות . שלכן הסמיכו  והוי דן את כל האדם לכף זכות לעשה לך רב וקנה לך חבר. כיוון שבהתחלה החבר נראה כאדם הכי טוב ומושלם וכן הרב דומה למלאך וכו' אך כשמתקרבים קצת מגלים כי גם הם אנושיים  וד"ל ולכן אמרו הוי דן את כל האדם לכף זכות.

    אני חושב כי נושא זה של בעלי תשובה והאתגרים העומדים לפתחם במיוחד לאחר שנמצאים כבר מספר שנים ב"מערכת" אינו מדובר מספיק ואני שמח כי סוף סוף מישהו מתייחס לנושא.

    אשמח אם הרב יוכל להקדיש לכך יותר בדרשותיו זה ממש חשוב ומחזק !

    בתודה ובברכה א"כ טוב לישראל

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  • Y

    Yosef -6 years ago

    28 what happened to 28

    what happened to class 28

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    ""Change the Levush""

    Are you aloud halachicaly to drive a motor cycle???

    Yes.  So why dont we all drive motor cycles? Well that's a good question which has no answer. 

    Now. If you decide to drive it. Go ahead. However have in mind the price you will pay for doing something like this which is not the norm in the Chasidich communities. And remember you have a family which they will pay the same price .

    The same is when it comes to the Levush. It's not about right or wrong.  The fact is that this is how we most ppl dress.  You are aloud to change. As long in line with the Torah. But you will have to pay a price for being different..


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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    Blue shirts

    I want to address a comment to the Chevra who were speaking about the issue of changing the Levush.

    I want to ask you, why did you start wearing a blue shirt? A shirt is a shirt. Who cares about the color? But generally I have found, that putting on a blue shirt (or a short-sleeved shirt or a tee shirt, etc.) is making a statement. It is the statement that is offensive. 

    Additionally, if it bothers your family, why do you persist in wearing a blue shirt? Does it make that big a difference to you that it is worth angering your parents?

    I will tell you, that I raised a Chassidishe family in a particular community. After over 20 years I accepted the fact that being part of this community and attached to the Rebbe was not helping me come close to Hashem. In fact, it was an impediment. So I left the Chassidus. My family however has not left the Chassidus. I am sometimes asked why I maintain the exact same Levush that I started wearing when I joined the Chassidus. My answer is simple. I made a cost-benefit analysis. I feel that any 'benefit' I might get from changing my clothing is not the worth the additional alienation from my wife, children, and grandchildren that it would cause.

    Should it make a difference to them what I wear? Of course not. But the fact is that it does! So although it is not in the purvey of the Mitzvo of Kibbud Av vo'Em, nonetheless, if you want to improve the relationship with your family, why wouldn't you wear a white shirt?!

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  • T

    TheYeshiva -6 years ago

    Emunah #28

    The recording has technical issues. We will post the lecture when it is available.

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    • AC

      Allan Cooper -3 years ago

      Have you managed to fix the technical issues yet...

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago


    What happened with #28, will it be uploaded for downloading, and when will this be available?

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