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The Secret of the Bow & Arrow

How Kabbalah Transformed the World

55 min

Class Summary:

The Secret of the Bow & Arrow: How Kabbalah Transformed the World

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  • Anonymous -1 year ago

    Is it possible to say that when the soul goes down into this world, it is ultimately like a bow being pulled down, only so that when its let go it can fly ever so higher in Shamayim to Hashem?

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    Thank you

    Dear Rabbi,


    beautiful class an an very inspiring!!

    many blessings!

    Luiza Palti

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  • SM

    Shaya Mintz -8 years ago

    A thought after listening to this beautifully delivered shiur. On the second day of Pesach Chazal instructed us to make a very big deal when cutting the barley for the Omer. We know that the counting of the Omer is a growth period to enable us to be mekable Torah at the end on the highest level. Starting out on the lowest level with a strong nefesh Habihamis symbolized by the barley offering which is animal food we were instructed to take the sickle which is like a cherev and prove to our known enemy the tzedukim that they were wrong. Later by Shavuos time when the offering is of wheat we don't find a public ceremony like the omer because then we are on a higher level and the avoda is one of beirurin, inner enemies. Lashon of the mishna is "haomer baah min Hakarov"! How beautiful. The enemies are near! The chasidus in me comes out...

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  • M

    moriah -12 years ago

    Psalm Chapter 39
    Psalm 39 has something to say about being silent.

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  • M

    Malka -12 years ago

    Rachel and Leah
    G-d  constantly createsthe universe by speaking it, but we give it meaning by recognizing that it goes beyond speech. Often I would like to quiet the inner chatter of my mind. Especially on Shabbat which is the soul of existence.

    A good thing to study is about Rachel and Leah. If I'm not mistaken, Rachel corresponds to speech, while Leah corresponds to thought. The goal is to unite the two, by speaking from a good heart; speaking only the truth of our hearts. This allows the speech to become potent.

    Another thing: Happy speech is healing, while brooding thoughts are harmful.

    Thanks for this article which really spoke to my silence.

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Lag Baomer Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • May 11, 2009
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  • 17 Iyyar 5769
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Dedicated by David and Eda Schottenstein In the loving memory of Alta Shula Swerdlov And in honor of their daughter Yetta Alta Shula,"Aliyah" Schottenstein

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