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The Kabbalah of Cheesecake

As heaven quarreled with earth who should receive the Torah, the meat-after-milk diet of the angels determined the verdict

56 min

Class Summary:

The Kabbalah of Cheesecake: As heaven quarreled with earth who should receive the Torah, the meat-after-milk diet of the angels determined the verdict

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  • G

    Gila -11 years ago

    Thank you for this beautiful enlightening shiur!  Rabbi Jacobson does not dissapoint!

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  • M

    motty -13 years ago

    right on the track
    good job keep it up

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  • M

    Mendy -13 years ago

    1. I don't think the safety issues in Israel come close to the tzoros we went through in preceding centuries.

    2. Is religious Zionism commendable? I am not referring to any group called religious Zionism, I mean is it commendable to have a Jewish national homeland:

    a. which does not replace the Torah Jewish identity, rather compliments it - and thus does not have the problem argued in this article

    b. will it not make it safer for Jews (especially if based on Torah as unsafe land concessions wont be made etc)

    c. wasn't a large part of the jewish anguish after the churban the fact that we lost our homeland (in addition and perhaps secondary to losing the beis hamikdash)?

    d. doesn't it belong to us according to the Torah, and it is the Holy Land - the ideal place on earth?

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  • P

    Paulo -13 years ago

    I vehemently disagree with your position

    In my humble opinion an irreligious israeli soldier that defends the jews studying Torah in Israel have equal merits if not more than those studying.

    My 2nd point is I hope you leave in Israel otherwise I would ask you what right do you have to criticise a place you are not part of.

    My 3rd point is that your logic is flawed when attributing the rise of antisemitism to the creation of the State of Israel... God knows where would we be without the State of Israel.

    And my last point is that your comments are despicable comparing the maapilim with the role of the modern state of israel....The maapilim was an emotional reaction to a stuff up. The modern State of Israel is a rational solution and it achieved its objective in my opinion.

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  • ESE

    Esther Sarah Evans -13 years ago

    ב"ה b"H inyan: we have to watch our language

    Hi, Rabbi,

    With all due respect for your fine Wort here, we have to watch our language:

    1) Judaism is not a religion (even if we sometimes may object to Germans, for example, asking for our religious affiliation and know they are referring to our Jewishness)

    2) If we really have the strength of our convictions, no matter from where readers are coming, we can write Tanakh and not "bible". There is no reason to lower ourselves to accommodate their comoprehension, for they are simply playing dumb. On the contrary, if anyone should be bowing, it is they who should bow to us. Otherwise, we are acquiescing in a subtle way to their new Brit and their false messiah. This is creating a stumbling block for Jews - and even for non-Jews. Let's call things by their right name - the only respectable way.

    3) It is high time zionism and nationalism get separated. Nationalism was the element of the Nazis that resulted in the murder of more than six million of us. Would we want zionism associated with something as filthy as that???

    4) Herzl was more German than Jewish in his thinking, just as some of our leaders today are more fence-sitters than Jews.

    5) It is time for us to start doing things right from the beginning rather than botching it from the start and then screaming around about headaches.

    Good luck on implementing these suggestions.

    Be well, and take care.

    Esther Sarah and Halakha

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • May 25, 2009
  • |
  • 2 Sivan 5769
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Dedicated in honor of Eda Schottenstein With much appreciation and respect By her husband David Schottenstein

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