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Day #4: The Ancient Debate on How to Deal with Inner Darkness

Challenge Your Toxicity, or Focus on Your Values?

6 min

Class Summary:

The fourth episode of our Chanukah 5779/2018, a video a day series.

The Ancient Debate on How to Deal with Inner Darkness by Rabbi YY Jacobson

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  • DF

    D Fabry -4 years ago

    Dear Rabbi Jacobson, 

    Many thanks for your very interesting classes including this one! And what's even more interesting is that we are actually already living with Moshiach as EMDR overcomes the divide, both processing trauma as well as installing positive cognitions and present & future templates of living positively ;)!! A Freilichen lichtigen Chanukah 

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  • YR

    Yaakov Rosenthal -5 years ago


    School of Hillel is real Somatic Experiencing SE and Self Regulating Teaching SRT


    Somatic therapy deals with a person's body sensations.  Sensations create our emotions which are the basics of our stories which are the foundations of our beliefs.   Somatic therapy introduces tools to attempt to balance unregulated sensations and add acceptance and a new outlook to a person's life. 

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Chanukah 5779 -- a video a day

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • December 5, 2018
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  • 27 Kislev 5779
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