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Daily Chassidus - Monday, 1 Shevat, Jan. 7

Sefer Hamaamarim - Rebbe Rashab

1 hr 20 min

Class Summary:

This class was presented on Monday Parshas Bo, 1 Shevat, 5779, January 7, 2019, at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY

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  • Y

    Y -5 years ago

    If Tzimtzum is כפשוטו

    If the tzimtzum is כפשוטו and all everyone is trying to do is run away from it, yet Hashem had to create the tzimtzum in order for there to be a world that we should be able to exis, then what’s the point if all everyone mission in life is to run away from it, and go beyond.

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  • M

    Moshe -5 years ago

    Which Tzimtzim?

    Didn't Hashem  answer that  question  by actually  deciding  to create the world, to put us in it, to require us to to eat to live, to farm to raise crops  to eat, etc? Didn't  He command us to procreate, to work 6 days, to enjoy  Shabbos and yom tov, to subdue the land  and to rule over  the creation? Unbridled asceticism, abstinence and celibacy  and is not  part of yiddishkeit tho a little control  is a good thing. 

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Maamar V’Yadata Moscow 5657 #11

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • January 7, 2019
  • |
  • 1 Sh'vat 5779
  • |

Dedicated by Rabbi Fishel Zaklos, in loving memory of his brother, Yossi Zaklos OBM

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