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Basi Legani 5719 #3: The Alter Rebbe's Revolution on the Ego & Physicality

In the Separateness of Our World, You Discover the Essence of G-d

Class Summary:

This class is the third of a three part series of classes in the Maamer Basi Legani 5719, by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. It was presented Sunday Morning, 7 Shevat, 5779, January 13, 2019, in Monsey, NY

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    Rachel -5 years ago

    Such deep truths that rock every previous reality. 

    The whole attachment injury without healing it, we can’t know truth and God.

    We go straight into anxiety and addiction. Anxiety isn’t rooted in the moment. It precedes thought.

    We may believe we’re anxious about this or that, but no matter what story we weave around it, the anxiety just is. Like addiction itself, anxiety will always find a target but exist independently of its targets. 

    We attach ourself to other gods.  

    We need to let go of those escapes and denials and go back to our injury and it’s there that we can meet ourselves and God.

    Now I understand why people gravitate to spirituality, ruchnies. you don’t need to be healthy to attach over there, it can take on any form you wish, I can remain attached to my injury and my umbilical cord and soar to the heavens while being chained by all.....and feel holy and all.....

    Real freedom is found in the experience of ezem, that can only happen after healing the attachment injury. Can’t pretend to be connected to self. My body will attach to klipa, addictions, etc.

    It touches the deepest truth of who we really are in our core.

    Real courage doesn’t lie in speaking or self disclosures, it resides in actively doing something about it.

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    Rochelle -5 years ago

    Real Gifts keep Giving

    Real Gifts keep giving

    What gift is key
    From parents to children?
    To be like me?
    Do you agree?

    Ego-driven is self-given
    Attachment is not liv'en,
    Empowering children-
    With independence,
    To be self-driven

    Our children are then able
    To replicate next of kin,
    To maturely, healthily
    carry on "creatively,"
    Another human

    A true wholesome leader, neither
    Produces students nor followers
    In fact, Empowers to be-
    Of their own accord
    Leaders predominantly

    A closeness where
    You have become me-
    Who has wings and
    Flies away to be thee-
    Your distinctiveness,
    A reflection, essential
    Embodiment is key-
    Do you see?

    In creating one's own destiny
    We become divine-like
    Our relationship with Hashem
    Is owned as mine, patent-right

    Based on Maamer Basi LGani 5719 #3
    Shiur by Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson

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Basi Legani 5719

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • January 13, 2019
  • |
  • 7 Sh'vat 5779
  • |

In the loving memory of Reb Zalman Yuda ben Reb Sholom Yeshaya Deitch, dedicated by his family

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