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Harmony, Expulsion, Frustration

How the Three Levite Families and Their Various Forms of Labor Symbolize Three Dimensions in Jewish History and in Each of Our Lives

30 min

Artist: Zalman Kleinman | Chaiartgallery.com

Class Summary:

Harmony, Expulsion, Frustration: How the three Levite families and their various forms of labor symbolize three dimensions in Jewish history and in each of our lives


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  • B

    bob -3 years ago

    Amazing and as  alaways perfect delivery 

    Thank you Rabbi 

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  • TS

    To Steve -14 years ago

    Response to Steve

    Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts.
    I cannot speak of course for all, but I have seen the Rebbe in action for many many years, and it was quite obvious and manifested. The respect and love he had for every single Jew, including of course every religious Jews, was mind-staggering and something absolutely awe inspiring.
    Even with many of his Chassidim, living around the globe, I am aware first hand of how often and how deeply they extend themselves to the point of true sacrifice for religious Jews who need a favor when in these parts of the world.
    Sadly, I am not sure it works the other way as well, as least from some experiences I am aware of.
    There are thousands of Shluchim around the world who extend themselves on a daily basis for thousands of frum Jews who need help in so many different areas, health, food, guidance, etc. etc Mumbai sadly became famous, but this is a phenomenon happening each day. This is not theory, it is first hand knowledge.
    This does not mean of course that no Chabad Chassid ever fails in this task. But I think it is unfair to write the words you have written.

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  • F

    Fale -14 years ago

    52 comments and more
    see this website for many comments on this article. It is painful to read.


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  • Y

    YG -14 years ago

    While it is a healthy ideal and a worthwhile goal for us to work towards loving every Jew regardless,I think that Rabbi Jacobsons article was focused on the Rebbe himself as is indicated by the story that he retold at the end.

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  • S

    Steve -14 years ago

    I Don't Agree
    the rebbe and his opponents
    I have a problem with your assetion that the rebbe (and I presume by extention, his followers)love all jews even those that oppose him. From my experience the love that the chassidim have for their fellow jews is strictly to those jews who are not (yet) religious. But to the religious jews, the other chassidishe, the yeshivishe, etc. I see no great love to say the least! In fact they barely recognize their existence, let alone "love" them. How sad indeed! P.s. I still enjoy your lectures, and listen regularly. Yaasher Koach!

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  • M

    michal -14 years ago

    To JOE
    The point to this article is that we can't ever harbor hate for another person in our hearts even if this person can't be mollified.

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  • J

    Joe -14 years ago

    Very inspiring
    But I have a question: What is the other person really hates you and wants nothing to do with you?

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  • A

    Anonymous -15 years ago

    I follow every week your class and I must say that it really makes a diferece.Now I have opened a learning group where I translate your class into portuguese .
    Once again
    A Groisse Yasher Cohecha!

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  • E

    Elki -15 years ago

    Modern Technology
    This comment is really neither here nor there, but as you were speaking I kept thinking of the difference between the work of Gershon and Merari as "hardware" and "software." Then again perhaps I'm spending too much time at the computer, except for Monday nights @ 8:30. I look forward all week. Tomorrow's topic has me thinking and analyzing what those thought-provoking words will lead to. Based on all previous shiurim, I'm sure it will be totally different from anything I would guess and another great shiur. Thank you, and of course,to the sponsors, who have wonderul vision.

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  • SW

    shlomo weinreb -15 years ago

    It was great evertime i hear you it just keep me going keep up the great work may hashem bless you and your family andall the rebbis brochas to you

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  • Y

    YG -15 years ago

    To Berl
    I believe Merori on a personal level is someone who has succumbed to sin but feels remorse as a result of his or her sinful conduct. Sort of how the Rebbe Rashab in the first maamar of Samech Vav describes someone who has become distant from the Ribbono Shel Olam but who screams in anguish and grief like the Kol Poshut of the Tekia Rishona on Rosh Hashana which arouses the person to repent and come closer to Hashem.

    Someone please correct me if I am mistaken.

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  • B

    Berl -15 years ago

    I did not understand the virtue of Merori as reflected in Jewish history. You explained it in the personal domain, but not in the historical domain.

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  • H

    hi -15 years ago

    i loved class
    it was beautiful

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  • E

    Ednah-Sarah -15 years ago

    Thank You

    Listened live then re-listened with the notes and a pencil, B"H soooooooooo inspiring, many thanks! May HKBH" bless you, your whole family and all Jews who hear this 'message', with True Good, visible and tangible, spiritual and physical in all areas of existence and beyond!

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  • N

    Neshama -15 years ago

    We all have a lot of 'homework' to do. Thank you.

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  • I

    Isaac -15 years ago

    We are so looking forward
    Beautiful, and great curriculum as always, we can't wait.

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • June 1, 2009
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  • 9 Sivan 5769
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Dedicated in honor of Eda Schottenstein With much appreciation and respect By her husband David Schottenstein

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