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A Tale of Two Oxen and a Prophet

How Elijah Comforted a Distraught Ox

1 hr 36 min

Class Summary:

This women's class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Ki Sisa, 14 Adar I, 5779, February 19, 2019 at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

    Divine Havdalah Vs. Tribal Havdalah

    Becoming religious does not automatically change us and refine our inner character. Sometimes, it is the other way around, in the name of religion, we think we do not have to work on ourselves and do not need to battle our selfishness and insecurities. Some people even become religious as an escape from the pain caused by them disliking themselves. 
    What happens then is religion becomes toxic and dysfunctional. 
    Yes, sometimes, secular people are more loving, accepting than religious people.sadly, some of us as a result of religion become far more bigoted, intolerant, and brute. We accept less, not more. 
    That is because religion for many people is about judging others, i am holier than thou; they lose touch of what closeness to G-d is all about. They simply remain divorced from the essence of Torah, even if they practice the precepts.
    This is sad. 
    All of us need to explore and rediscover the essence of Yiddishkeit. And remember that Judaism that is not about personal refinement and generosity of spirit is a mockery of Judaism.
    G-d designed us all with different strengths and weaknesses, what for some people is easy and comes with almost no effort, for others comes only with years of hard work to be able to even change one character defect. We are never measured against anybody else but ourselves, and only, from where our starting point was. That's all that is important. 
    And we have to ask ourselves tough questions. Is it possible that our religion is stifling our spiritual and emotional growth?

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  • R

    Rachel -5 years ago

    What I Took from the Class

    We never become defined by our journey. Our purpose is the opposite: We have the power to define each moment in our life and infuse it with kedusha. Each moment that is Chol, empty of kedusha, is waiting for us to transform it.

    In reality we are the “Gods” that the world needs. If anything the world needs to “appease us”, because only we have the “Godly power” to elevate the entire cosmic dimension. Are we transforming this moment of Avodah zorah to kedusha? The world is always awaiting for our salvation. We never need those different gods out there to save us.....We don’t realize the power we have. Avoda zorah is the opposite of our intended purpose, it’s giving away your soul to define, infuse those powerless gods with power. And then waiting, hoping to receive back from them your power and their permission for you to exist. And then being preoccupied and anxious what do those gods say about me? What is next, what now? What sacrifice will appease them? We don’t matter; only the gods do. It’s only about the gods, we are irrelevant.

    Judaism is the exact opposite. Our value is unconditional, it’s about never becoming defined by anything, no forces in nature can define our destinies. We always remain invincible; it’s about never disconnecting from the ultimate truth of the power of who we are.

    Wether our journey is through darkness or light we always remain the same powerful to be able to transform each moment.
    But if our brains were programmed to serve angry gods, that continuously need appeasement, where the journeys of our lives defines who we are, than yes we cannot find the richness, the beauty, the truth of Yiddishkeit, anymore then we would in Avodah Zarah. Then it’s not fair why one cow goes to light and one has to descend to the abyss. It’s all random, with no rhyme or reason.

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  • D

    Dina -5 years ago

    It is heartening to know we are all on the same train. Everything that you speak of is the same conversation going on in our home. It's good to know that (we) GEN X is working on our stuff. 

    The experts are saying that we are raising the best generation of kids. Keep educating those women about the amygdala and pre-frontal cortex of the brain. And maybe introduce some practical tips like deep breaths when they feel triggered, or turning around when they start on the wrong path and coming back with an "oops, I want to try that again."
    Or letting them know that if they are in control of their emotions they can then be there for their children. Children do not have the ability to control their big emotions. It is easier to slip down from emotions into "fight or flight," but children need empathy, and an assertive parent to move from emotions to their higher brain. And most importantly, if we do not allow our children to feel their feelings, i.e. we offer things instead of ourselves to them, this begets addictions of all types, from food to shopping to drugs. 

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    • D

      dina -5 years ago

      If a child comes into my school crying and I say “ come let’s look at the play doh!! Look it’s so fun!! “ and I send the mother away... what I have done is squashed his emotions and replaced myself or his mom with play doh.  
      IF INSTEAD I hold That child, and say to him “your mommy is leaving right now say goodbye to your mommy.” And then I hold him and say “you are so sad that your mommy left. You were hoping that your mom he would stay with you at school today. You are safe with me. “
      I am allowing this child to experience his sad emotions about his mother leaving, I am also helping him name his emotions, I am acknowledging that he is sad. I am also acknowledging that he can be sad and that he is safe with me and his sadness. 
      Can you see the difference? 

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  • M

    Miriam -5 years ago

    I just finished listening and watching today's women's shiur.  Thank you!  It reminded me of the very first shiur you sent

    me almost two years ago about Yoseph being sent to fulfill his mission, just like the ox you described in the shiur today. I continue to be inspired by all your teachings, and want to tell you that what you are teaching and what you are saying I know for a fact are helping me in my life, every day, but also so many other people that you are reaching. Thank you!

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Women's Ki Sisa Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • February 19, 2019
  • |
  • 14 Adar I 5779
  • |

Dedicated in the merit of Irit bat Florine, for a complete and speedy recovery.

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