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The Day Haman and Mordechai Become Equals

Approaching the King Through Sin...

Class Summary:

This women's class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Vayikra, 5 Adar II, 5779, March 12, 2019, at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY 

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  • R

    rachel -3 years ago

    Every week I think today’s class was the most inspiring!
    And today is no different.
    Thank you for gently and lovingly bringing our awareness and focus back “home” today, where it belongs, with the Divine. Away from the mundane distracting living and the automatic workings of our minds.
    Today you gave us a behind stage spiritual tour of the Megillah.
    Wow, what an experience to become present to the subtle realities and dimensions of the Divine presence, especially in the plot of our life. Such a realization is very moving, inspiring and uplifting.

    I’m going home now after listening to your class. But no longer to the same mundane world of this morning and no longer viewing the the megillah of my life just from my own perspective.
    I must re-examine my own conclusions and narratives of my own life. So many missing links, perspectives and dimensions in interpreting the story of my own life. Perhaps more of a version of “fake news”.
    Living in this Divine reality:
    That God loves me unconditionally  and compassionately. That my purpose is to be an Ambassador and a conduit of God’s light.
    Reading the megillah from that vantage point will unveil and tell a completely different story. A story of love, hope and light.
    Thank you, thank you

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  • Anonymous -4 years ago

    עיין קידושין לו, ב שלרבי מאיר בין כך ובין כך אתם קרויים בנים. אפילו בנים משחיתים הם בנים.

    ומה מאד נעים שדוקא ר"מ אומר שקורא את כולה!! כי לפי ר"מ, זהו עיקר הסיפור: בין כך ובין כך אתם בנים. ולכן בודאי צריך לקרוא את כולה. שהרי עיקר הוא הסיפור הוא בפרק א, כביאור החתם סופר, ששם הוא עיקר הנס, שבעת הסעודה שנהנו מאותו רשע, הצילם השם, כי בנים הם אפילו אם משחיתים הם. והרי הוא מתאים לשיטת ר"מ במס' מגילה. כי ר"מ תוכו אכל וקליפתו זרק, הוא רואה תמיד הפנימיות, לא כתנות עור, אלא כתנות אור. והוא נפלא.

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  • C

    Chanie -5 years ago

    I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing Purim class!
    I used it to give a Purim class in Lakewood tonight.
    Here is a poem that is based on the class.

    In the Mishna we find a Megillah discussion,
    About how much one needs to hear to fulfill their obligation,
    Some opinions say that from when we read about Mordechai is the relevant part,
    Others hold, from Haman's rise to power or the king's sleepless night we start.

    The Halacha is like Reb Meir it is clear,
    From the begining to the end every word we must hear,
    Every detail of Achashveirosh's party is relevant to the miracle story,
    It is not just a lesson in Persian history.

    On Purim one is meant to drink until he can't differentiate,
    Between Haman who is cursed and Mordechai, a Tzadik so great,
    If in our mind Haman and Mordechai are on equal footing,
    Then why are we feasting and celebrating?

    Isn't the most basic part of human civilization to be able to differentiate,
    Between good and evil, kindness and hate?
    In fact, to Purim, Yom Kippur does compare,
    Purim can't be a day to let loose if it is greater than the holiest day of the year!

    If on Yom Kippur we fast and and are in a serious mood,
    Then why is Purim all about feasting and food?
    Some say, because Haman's downfall came at a party that Esther did arrange,
    But even after Haman was killed the decree against the Jews did not change.

    When Mordechai sends a message to tell Esther that to the king she must go,
    She responds it's not the usual way, it's illogical, it's against the law you know,
    Mordechai says if you don't do your mission to save us Hashem has other ways,
    Esther replies, gather the Jews "that are found in Shushan" and pray for 3 days.

    The words "that are found in Shushan" we have seen before,
    After Achashveirosh partied for 180 days he wanted more,
    The entire nation "that are found in Shushan" he did invite,
    Mordechai said for the Jews to go to the party is not right!

    These words are not wasted, there is a reason that they are "copied and pasted",
    Esther knew that for a miraculous salvation, transformation was needed,
    This time the Jews had to be gathered by Mordechai,
    He would help them find their Neshama treasure, and return to Hashem on high.

    The Mitzvah of Teshuvah out of love is unique as can be,
    Not only are Aveiros forgiven but they are transformed into Mitzvos retroactively,
    Because the distance and darkness that sin creates which kept the Yid  apart,
    Is the fuel that makes a Bal Teshuvah return to Hashem with all his heart.

    This answers the famous question,
    If Hashem knows what we will do, do we have free choice to make a decision,
    Our view of the world and Hashem's view are two different realities,
    Aveiros can remain Aveiros or they can be growing opportunities.

    Yes it is up to you and me,
    If we do Teshuvah then our choice merges with Hashem's reality,
    The bad choice was part of Hashem's plan if we use it to reconnect,
    This obviously only applies in retrospect.

    The Yiden took the unity, pride and negative energy that was at the party,
    And transformed it to feel united and proud to be part of Hashem's army,
    And then, because we are the children of Hashem our King,
    Like Esther, Hashem went off the regular logical path and transformed everything.

    This is why to listen to the Megillah from the begining is our obligation,
    In midst of the sin, Hashem began to set the wheels in motion for salvation,
    Hashem orchestrated that Vashti would be killed on the very last day of the party,
    Because He knew that the Yidden would return to Hashem out of love ultimately!

    This is why on Purim we feast and drink until we can't differentiate,
    The Haman moments in our lives and the Mordechai moments that are great,
    There is always hope, even in the darkest moment of the night,
    Because the darkest moment is an opportunity for the greatest light!

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  • S

    Saul -5 years ago

    As always, your Shiurim are inspiring, brilliant, insightful, illuminating and impactful! not only do I enjoy them very much, but my wife who doesn't enjoy listening to Shiurim in general, enjoys yours very much. thank you for always educating and inspiring us! 
    in this shiur, one of the things you spoke about was the idea of הנמצעים. fascinatingly, you got into the idea of transforming עבירות into זכויות. 
    I have a few questions about this part of the shiur, if you don't mind. 
    1, was this your original explanation? 
    I have been a student of R Zadok's writings for several years now. I'm sure you're familiar with his very controversial piece in Tzidkat haTzadik, #40, where he discusses this very point. Although I think I understand what he is saying there, your explanation about the transformative nature of Teshuva when it came to this issue was the most elegant and easy to understand I have ever heard, and I have heard many people try to explain it! thank you! 
    2, you mentioned the Radziner saying about the goal of teshuva is to not do Teshuva. this fits the Ishbitz school idea as aspoused by R Zadok in the above mentioned piece nicely. I'm curious though as to where you saw that written. would you mind sharing with me? thank you. 
    (My father's family was Radziner. in fact my father's name was Gershon Henoch. my mother's family was from Alexander). 
    anyway, the GRA and R Dessler point out that the objective of Bechira Chofshit is to eliminate Bechira Chofshit. I think these ideas are all connected. 
    thanks again. best wishes for an easy Fast and a Freilichen Purim!
    warm regards,

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  • N

    Noach -5 years ago

    Chasam Sofer

    The Chasam Sofer says this:

    The idea of teshuva working is no big chiddush, see Ninveh etc..

    The idea that Achashverosh goes along with the request of Esther, the Queen is also no chiddush.

    What is amazing is the mad idea that he got in his head to ask Vashti to do something so absurd and demeaning both to her and the whole kingdom – why? To orchestrate events leading to Esther becoming Queen. As the gemoroh says, refuah koidem le’makko.

    And now for the punch – It comes out that at the very moment of sin and the cause of the evil decree, i.e. the Jews partaking at the feast (as the gemoroh says); at that moment itself, Hashem was orchestrating events to bring about the salvation. We are sons of Hashem even when we sin.

    Its amazing to think that even at the point of deep despair and despondency that we might feel, we must remember that right there and then Hashem is somehow bringing about events that will ultimately lead us out of our troubles and sorrow. We just need to ask for it as the Jews at the time had to, by fasting three days etc…

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

    Astonishing shiur. Actually, life changing. I can't thank you enough.

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  • M

    Monica -5 years ago

    This week’s shiur was REALLY the winner.... it was so incredible, I asked my husband and children to watch it as well and they agreed, it was awesome, remarkable....Thank you so so much for giving Klal Yisroel such a treasure... knowing that Hashem is always with us...in the mistakes...the sins...the decisions...the miracles...the rebirth!

    Thank you thank you thank you!

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  • I

    Isaac -5 years ago

    Where I See Sin, He Sees Rebirth. Wow

    The deepest idea I found -- is that in the midst of the meal of Achashverosh Hashem made the miracle, because He saw Teshuvah where others can only see sin. In the sin He already saw something else -- the future of their transformation at the gathering of Mordechai. To the point it caused Hashem to do the miracle, that after 186 days the kind should go insane, do crazy stuff, his wife also loses her sanity as she provoked and insults him, and third -- he kills his own queen, all this in the midst of the feast, for the sake of the Jewish people.

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  • MF

    Moshe Friedman -5 years ago


    Dear Rabbi YY, 

    Thank you for your Shiur. Would you mind publicizing your sources, for those of us that like to do homework? 

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    • Anonymous -5 years ago

      We posted the source sheets. You can see it both above and below the video.

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  • R

    Rachel -5 years ago

    Great, powerful, very powerful, class.

    In the end it’s always about aligning with reality, because it’s only there where God can be “found”. It doesn’t matter where reality is, whether in heaven or in hell....

    When in the name of religion we deny “certain” realities, we are denying God. And then religion feels fake, empty, etc.

    Thank you, one of your most powerful classes.....
    It allows us to embrace every part of ourselves and every part of our lives. To own it without shame. Ad Delo Yada -- very powerful idea.

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Women's Purim Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

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Leilu Nishmas Reb Eliyahu Tzion ben Reb Chananya Niasoff ז״ל.
And in the merit of our partner in Torah, Yigal Yisroel ben Sofia, שיחי׳

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