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The Secret Life of Queen Esther

A Brilliant insight by the Lubavitcher Rebbe on "Esther's Fast"

1 hr 29 min

Class Summary:

This women's class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Tzav, 12 Adar II, 5779, March 19, 2019 at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY 

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    Usher -4 years ago

    Your'e the best speaker ever heard!

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    Cheskel -5 years ago

    I always enjoy your classes immensely.  Your passion and insights, not to mention your command of the English language, is really impressive. Keep up the good work.

    I want to comment on your shiur as to why it's called Tannis Esther.  This question has been bugging me for years now, as you so beautifully explained.  This year I noticed something very interesting.  The טור as well as the בית יוסף, שלחן ערוך and all the Poskim don't actually refer to this fast as Tannis Esther. They all call it the fast of י"ג אדר. It seems to me, that on a purely academic level, the terminology crept into our vocabulary as a case of mistaken identity.  It was borrowed from the custom to fast three days after Purim , which they do in fact call Tannis Esther. I know that by אונז חסידים once it's there an explanation is warranted,  as we know מנהג ישראל תורה. Just some food for thought.
    Thank you again for all your classes. 
    All the best,

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    • Anonymous -3 months ago


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    Shmuel -5 years ago

    Dear Rabbi Jacobson,
    Although your Taanis Esther shiur was for nashim I too enjoyed it.  I was also feeling for the tzaar of Esther.  I was wondering, maybe that is why we have this taanis erev Purim to mark the mesiras Nefesh of Esther and the personal "Kasher Avuditi"
    Esther was personally moser nefesh to save klall yisroel similar to way Yael save Klall yisroel from Sisra at great personal sacrifice.
    I heard from Rabbi Sharga Kallus, that aside from saving Klall Yisroel she was zoche that her son rebuilt the bais hamikdash.
    Kol tuv and Hatzlacha Rabba,

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    Liba -5 years ago


    There are no words to describe what the shiurim do for us... they’ve brought our life to the next level. 

    Additionally, a separate and enormous thank you for this week’s shiur about Esther's life, and last week’s about entering the king via sin.

    My Purim took on a completely different meaning as did the entire Megilla, which came alive with Rabbi Jacobson’s words...

    New worlds of wisdom,light and depth were opened up to us.

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  • R

    Rachele -5 years ago

    Purim becomes part of our life as soon as we are old enough to wear a costume.
    and when we can remain quiet we get to go to Shul with our beautifully illustrated and colorful Megillah and gregger. Those infantile picture we saw as kids remain inculcated  in our minds.
    We often don't revisit infantile story, concepts, ideas we were fed in kindergarten or even school, we can remain with them for the remainder of our lives.....
    Especially the story of Purim, can remain for some of us a distant fairy tale that we don’t give much thought about and doesn't provoke much in us, other than the stress of preparing Shlach mones, meals with people having had one or two too many drinks......
    But today you made Ester the heroine, so alive, so human, so relevant. We were able to experience the story from a place of maturity and depth that a lot of us never had the opportunity or were never were expose to. To realize the magnitude of the story, the richness of every detail.
    how all this is so often very relevant to our own struggles as individual and also as a Jewish nation, surrounded by 70 wolfs.
    Purim, is perhaps the opportunity to be able to draw emotional and spiritual strength from their story and bring it into our own individual “Purim” life story. It allows us to have a peek into the works of the Divine. So to say the Megillah opens up the doors for us to view the workings of the Universe from meachoirai hapardes. So to say God took us back stage. We get to experience the story on 2 levels. Step by step with all the struggles that each moment brought in everybody’s life. And that was different for Ester than it was for Mordechai and the Jews. At the same time we get to experience and view God’s plan, how even while the Jews were sinning in Achashverus palace God was preparing redemption......and kind of watch from above, birds eye view how all the seams are being sewn into a story of redemption and salvation....

    There was a new era now, the end of nevius. A different energy was being born, a much more hidden and not revealed Godliness.
    It’s perhaps why this is such a pivotal moment. A moment where God takes us backstage to teach us, show us that He is the same caring God of Har Sinai. Purim is teaching us how to interpret Golus.
    In the end the Jews understood that it was kiblu vekimu the same as when all was revealed at Har Sinai.  We are never orphaned from God. It’s just in different times there is different Divine workings.
    This kind of hester relationship with God was new then for the Jews in Persia, but it’s a reminder for us that God is there with us still as He was with us at Sinai. Kimu vekiblu.....And to realize when we struggle in life there is always an other birds eye reality that we don’t know or can’t see.....

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    Daniella -5 years ago

    I just listened to your Taanis Esther shiur.  Thank you. I enjoyed it.
    I heard something from Rabbi Glatstein last year that helped me a lot about the situation with Esther after the Purim was over.
    If I understood correctly, the Ben Yehoyada says that when Esther said "ka'asher avadti avadti", she had in mind that she may have to use intimacy to try to get Achashverosh to change his mind, and then she would be assur to Mordechai forever.  However, she didn't end up using intimacy, and presumably in the end she was muttar to Mordechai afterwards.  
    It really resonated with me because I was always sad for Esther.  And because it doesn't indicate anywhere that she used intimacy in any capacity.  The gemara talks about her relationships with Achashverosh so its not that the Torah is using lashon nekiah... It just never happened...
    That's my position and I'm sticking to it 
    Have a freilechin Purim.  

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  • S

    Shlomo -5 years ago

    Thank you!
    I enjoyed your class yesterday fast of Esther and why Meghillah Esther davka! 
    You may have seen this notes below in case it helps in any way:

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    Sarah -5 years ago

    Uch, today's shiur was so incredible. I can't even begin to say in words how wonderful it was.  I was afraid it wouldn't be live streamed because neither the Chasidus or Gemarrah classes were this morning. And when I saw it come on, I smiled. 

    I never knew so much about Purim, ever! And I think yto myself, how many other Jews don't either. I never knew. I never knew. 

    And then this morning's shiur added even more layers to what I am learning.

    Thank you so much Rabbi YY.

    When I heard the part about G-d not being in the Megillah, but how HE really was, and then I heard you say that the acronyms in the Megillah actually do contain HIS name. I remembered something I posted last year in my FB Group. I think I've attached it here. I don't know, but I think this is the verse you were talking about this morning.

    Anyway, I continue to be amazed and am so proud to be Jewish. Judasim is beautiful. Our heirtage is amazing. And I thank you over and over again for inspiring me so much.

    Have a wonderful Purim, a meaningful fast and great health and lots of love.  

    Thank you!


    Esther 5:4

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    • U

      Usher -4 years ago

      wowow very good

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