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How Jews Overcame Collective PTSD

Every Disaster in Jewish History Unleashed an Outburst of Creativity

1 hr 19 min

Class Summary:

This women's class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Bechukosai, 23 Iyar, 5779, May 28, 2019 at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY


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  • Anonymous -2 years ago


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  • Anonymous -2 years ago


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  • Anonymous -2 years ago


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  • R

    rochel -5 years ago

    Thanks for dedicating the Women's class in memory of my mother, Sara Deitsch.  I recently returned from Israel after Shavuos and was able to watch the class, which I enjoyed.  The difficulties which later led to growth you discussed in the class reflects my mother's life. She lived under communism and managed to escape the Soviet Union with some of our family after WWII.  They arrived in the USA in 1950 and built a frum family, a business, a life. Thank you again.  Rochel Sandman

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  • B

    Breuer -5 years ago

    Just to thank you profusely for your Parshas Bechukoisy Shiur. (Toichoche then Eirchin)

    As a 12th child of parents who both suffered the flames of Auschwitz & Bergen Belsen first hand, your shiur gave me lots of Chizuk. (As it “happens” my father Z”L was with the Klausenborger Rebbe Z”L in Auschwitz and would always mention about the Rebbe’s Avoide and Hecherkeit even in the most difficult situations).

    You identified these war survivors as if you had been there yourself.

    חזק ואמץ און א פרייליכין יו"ט

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  • ד

    דוד -5 years ago

    רעיון זה נתבאר באר היטב בפירוש הש"ך על התורה בפרשתנו וכן במי השילוח פרשתנו. יעויין שם

    הנני נהנה במאד

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

    Self evident truth

    i loved the remark about the self evident truth. 
    we don't realise how narrow minded we are and how we take pretty much everything for granted

    Thank you Rabbi

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  • ME

    Moshe Eisenberg -5 years ago


    An amazing lecture as always.


    One correction if I may. You mention that the Ba’al Haturim was in the 15th century. According to Wikipedia he was born around 1269 and passed away around 1343 so that’s early 14th century. 

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  • S

    Sam -5 years ago

    A beautiful enlightening lecture, emotionally captivating!
    Just a small key correction on the story with satmar Rav he said “when you go to shul and you see someone rolling up his sleeves to put on tefilin and you notice his numbers you can ask him for a blessing”
    If you have numbers tattooed and you decided that god died with your shtetl you’re not really worthy to vintch people.
    Constructively and respectfully yours

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  • B

    Baila -5 years ago

    Rabbi Jacobson,
    Yesterday’s shiur was incredible on so many levels.... It was a journey through our painful, blood-soaked history, but with the joy and pride of us being the Am Hanivchar!
    It was a journey through our Torah’s weekly portion, bringing the depth and beauty of our complex parsha to life!
    And it was a journey through my grandmothers story of faith in the darkest hours... she watched her mother with 7 little siblings clinging to her skirt being led to the gas chambers as she begged to join them and Mengele ymach shemo sent the dogs after her (thus saving her life...) this parting vision of her mother haunted her up until last week in the hospital. yet she bravely built a Malchus of hundreds of ehrliche descendants who are imbued with her indescribable simchas hachaim and love of people....

    Once again Rabbi Jacobson, “nichamtoni!”
    Thank you..........

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  • M

    Moshe -5 years ago

    Ask any personal injury lawyer. G-d forbid, when a person is hurt, maimed  or even killed by another, whether intentionally  or  accidentally, secular law does have a crude way of evaluating the dollar value of a victim. 

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