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Fabrengen Gimmel Tamuz 5779 with Rabbis YY & Dovber Pinson

Cultivating the Consciousness of Geulah

5 hr 22 min

Class Summary:

This farbrengen kumzitz took place on Thursday night, 1 Tamuz, 5779, July 4, 2019, at Ohr Chaim Shul in Monsey, in tribute to the 25th Yartzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

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  • R

    Ralph -4 years ago

    Rebbe's View on Children

    Sometimes you hear a idea from someone it could sound trivial but that could be such a revelation how the person thinks. I think the rebbes pshat in חסד נעוריך  besides it’s a novel nice pshat in the Posuk it shows how deep he looked at everything.

    Most people I think look at a child as a something that needs work. The real question is Do you look aT a child as a immature undeveloped thing?

    There are 2 ways to look at children and really at everything: do you look at what it produces meaning the bottom line or its essence what it really is and in a child you see what people really are. The  simple meaning of חסד נעוריך is when we were young meaning in the beginning of the relationship,the rebbe seems to be saying deeper it means a relationship of youth which is of purity.                                                      

    I always had this idea: one goes to a levaya of a child רח״ל; they talk about how good the child was made brachos didn’t talk loshon harah etc and I m wondering what do u see it’s a little child of course the child was good he never went into the world but that’s exactly what you see you see how pure a person is at its essence how in reality how holy we really are.

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  • RA

    Reb Aharon -4 years ago

    What does it mean - birurim have ended and we muist now open our eyes to geulah?  What does birurim have ended mean?         I get what open our eyes to geulah means, baruch HaShem!

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  • R

    rivkah -4 years ago

    Rebbe's Letter on Various Impulses

    I just listened to the Gimmel Tammuz farbrengen you led.
    Thank you very much for the much needed inspiration. 
    You mentioned a letter the Rebbe wrote to a boy who was gay and to a transgender. 
    Could you send me the letters or guide me as to where to find them. 

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    • Anonymous -4 years ago

      Here are the letters by the Lubavitcher Rebbe: Rebbe's Letter on Homosexuality & Transgender

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    • S

      Sam -2 years ago

      WDYM "who was gay and to a transgender. "?

      He was a trasman? Or he was a boy wanting to be a girl? And he was also gay?

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  • I

    Isaac -4 years ago

    To Rabbi Pinson

    Rabbi Pinson shlita, please answer my my question.

    If we can really live in that Geula state, without the battle between light and darkness, beyobd Birurim, then why did the Arizal not teach that? Why did only the Rebbe say that the Birurim have ended, and now we must open our eyes to see Geulah?

    Much of Kabbalah and Chassidus are bassed on the work of Birurim. But why? if the truth is that Ein Of Milvado, that all is Hashem, that all is good, that there is no real battle, so this truth should have always been taought!

    Ein Od Milvado is at the core of the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov and the Baal HaTanya. So why did they not say that we should move beyond Birurim? Why did they now tell us not to get stuck in the battle between light and darkness?

    Also, were you describing the difference between Eitz Hadaas and Eitz Hachaim?

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    • RP

      Rav Pinson -4 years ago

      This is a very fundamental question you are asking.

      This question can be extended to all of Torah’s Ha’Sod. For example, if Tzimtzum is the way Hashem created the world, as the AriZal taught, why was this only revealed by the Arizal in the fifteen hundreds and not before? Why didn’t the Ramban, who lived hundreds of years before the Arizal, for example, speak of Tzimtzum?

      And if, Hashem reveals the Ein Sof through the Ten Sefiros, as the early Mekubalim teach -in a revealed way – from the 12th century etc, why don’t the Geonim, who lived hundreds of years before, such as Rav Hai and Rav Chama’i Gaon speak about them, etc, etc?

      The answer is, that as we are coming closer and closer to the Geulah and the revelation of Hashem Echad Mamesh, Hashem reveals through the Tzadikim that are Davuk in HaKodesh Baruch Hu, deeper and deeper revelations, until the ultimate revelation of Ein Od Milvado literally, with the coming of Moshiach b’meheira b’yameinu, omein. 

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  • D

    Daniel -4 years ago

    I just heard your 3 Tammuz farbrengen. I just want to thank you. I'm a baal tshuva starting in Morristown with R Avremel Lipsker then Rav Gafni from 1974. But you've got it.

    With much blessing.

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  • E

    Esther -4 years ago

    Thanks again for the inspiring fabrengen ג תמוז was very מחזק me.

    Since this genaration challenge is the otd kids-wanted to ask what is the best way not to "critisize" them-in order to heal their נשמה but on the other way it shouldnt effect the good kids-that kind of "jelous" -the otd kids  have all the "goods" smart phone and so on (goes against the rulls) and still everybody is so warm to them...

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  • YG

    Yosef Goldwasser -4 years ago

    Yasher koiach!

    Rabbi Jacobson

    Thank you for always making these farbrengens live so that shluchim In the middle of nowhere can be able to be mishtatef and get hisoirerus on yomei dipagra. 

    Thank you!

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  • AS

    Adina Simonov -4 years ago


    Dear Rabbi Jacobson,

    THANK YOU very much for letting me to see the REBBE!

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  • YG

    Yochanan Gordon -4 years ago

    I saw once from the Satmar Rebbe, Reb Yoel zt"l, on this Chazal: "Eretz Asher Tamid Einei Hashem Elokecha Ba M'reishis Hashana ad Achris Shans." He asks: It should, more appropriately state from the begiining of the year until the end of the year, with the 'Hei Hayediah." Why is the Hei in the second Shanah dropped?

    He explained: The beginning of the year is always very invigorating and hopeful that we will be able to turn over a new leaf and correct all those things that went wrong in the previous year. However, at the end of the year, we realize that it was just a regular year, like the year before.

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  • YG

    Yochanan Gordon -4 years ago

    Re: Rav Pinson at about the 58 Min. mark. The exillic perception where a person can only perceive a sliver of Godliness in his primarily exiled existence, I believe relates to the vort of the Baal Shem Tov: "M'yom Shecharav beis Hamikdash ain lo L'Hakadosh Baruch Hu ela Dalet Amos Shel Halacha Bilvad." The Baal Shem Tov asks: Why do Chazal assimilate this perception that God only is found within the four cubits of Halacha, with the event of Churban Beis Hamikdash? The Besht answered: "Anyone who could suggest that God is only found within Dalet Amos Shel Halacha, and cannot perceive Godliness in every aspect of their lives, is a result of Churban Beis Hamikdash. It is even sweeter, in the terminology of the Maharal who said that the Hei is the Yud in the Dalet Ruchos Ha'aretz which perhaps relates to the Dalet Amos Shel Halacha.

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  • N

    naftoli -4 years ago

    to you


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  • S

    Shaul -4 years ago

    3 am here but I am happy I stayed awake. Yashar Koach.

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  • ER

    Esther Rachel -4 years ago



    I am grateful that this live video is available to me. Thank You

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    • D

      David -4 years ago

      Dear Rabbi YY,

      You say not to be ashamed of being an addict I'm proud to say that I’m addicted to your speeches. Thanks for this farbreng and all your amazing inspiring talks. I wasn’t zoche to see the Rebbe but can see his haspo’oh in a person like you being so selfless and idealistic. Be blessed.

      P.s. does anyone know where I can get a dollar from the rebbe?

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Farbrengen Gimmel Tamuz

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • July 4, 2019
  • |
  • 1 Tamuz 5779
  • |

Dedicated by Abe Spitz

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