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There Is No Absolute Hierarchy in Judaism

Moshe's Speech Impediment Was Rooted in a Spiritual Condition

41 min

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This class was presented on Sunday Parshas Bo, 29 Teves, 5780, January 26, 2020 at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY 

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  • Y

    yisroel -1 year ago

    very beautiful lecture

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  • Anonymous -4 years ago

    In the rabbis class on pasrshas shemos 

    Moses was a stepson, or grandson, of Pharaoh. He was raised as a beloved child in the Egyptian palace. The Midrash teaches, that Pharaoh has appointed Moses as the Chief of Staff of the palace. He was being groomed for leadership. In all likelihood, Moses would become Pharaoh’s heir, or at least one of Egypt’s most dominant figures. 

    Now, if you were in Moses’ position, and you observed a Jew being beaten, what would you have done?  Using my rational logic, I might have thought to himself: Stay put. Keep your anger to yourself. Let the Egyptian get away with his crime. These monsters are doing this regularly. You remain the loyal Egyptian prince, dedicated (at least on the outside) to your grandfather, the most powerful person in this country, the Pharaoh. Slowly but surely, climb the ranks. Play the game of politics and diplomacy. Prove your loyalty and efficiency. If you play this game of chess rightly, you might become Pharaoh’s successor. As the next king of Egypt, you will save not one Jew, but three million of them!

    Yet, we know the path Moses chose. He didn’t hesitate for a moment, and cut down the life of the SS guard, right there, right then. At that moment he ended the dream: Not only would he not become the king of Egypt; he would become an outlawed fugitive, running for his life. 

    Can this be explained in penimius that Moshe came from the 1st shemita and the olam of tohu where its complete light with full energy and as the pasuk says vayar es echav the koach of reiyah not letting the the constriction of the olam hatikun to allow the rational logic to kick in?

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    • H

      Hershel -4 years ago

      Intergration of tohu in tikun.   Can u say that his love for his fellow Jew energized him to kill the Mitzri?

      Because he came from tohu?

      As much as i have learned Moshe expresses a few unique sefirot: Chesed, Netzach, Malcus, Chachma , Daas and Emuna (makif).

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  • M

    Moshe -4 years ago

    Everything anything chazal came up with throughout history was given to Moshe

    So what was the chidush? They zoomed in  or out to give us a different view.

    Just like we saw what we saw but after the  invention of  the  microscope and the telescope we gained such  new insights, and  new perspectives that it was a  completely different seeing. 

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  • M

    Moshe -4 years ago

    We need both our head/brain and feet

    East to see right in front of us. A car has a computer that controls all. If the computer goes, its $500, I mean the car won't go without a  computer.

     But you can have a good computer and then get a flat tire. Not  going anywhere.

      And then there are the R. Itzy Erps.. ..

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Chassidus: Torah Ohr Mi Sam Peh #5

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • January 26, 2020
  • |
  • 29 Tevet 5780
  • |

Dedicated by Baruch Yosef Markoff, for a complete Refuah Shelaimah for Aaron ben Sarah with many more good, healthy and happy years filled with nachas and continued hatzlacha in all of his chesed and learning

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