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If It's Real Inspiration, It Came From Hashem

Why Sometimes the Love Dies In Utero

58 min

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This class was presented on Sunday Parshas Mishpatim, 21 Shevat, 5780, February 16, 2020 at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY

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  • Anonymous -4 years ago

    Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch further clarifies the nuance implied by referring to G-d as “Adon” (Master) as opposed to King or Monarch. Rav Hirsch points out a difference between a “King” and a “Master”. The relationship between a King and a citizen of the country is a very tenuous one. “What do I have to do with the King? The King does not know that I exist. He is not aware of my needs or my problems.” The word “Adon” is used in connection with a servant. The relationship between a master and his servant is a very different one from the relationship between a king and his citizen. The master knows his servant very well. A personal relationship exists between them.

    It could be that when Rav Shimeon Ben Yochai spoke of the novelty of Avraham Avinu referring to G-d by the name Adon, he was referring to this nuance. Avrohom introduced into the world the idea that G-d is not merely our King – He is our Master. He was the first person to recognize that despite the fact that G-d is King of all kings, he is also MY personal G- d, my Master.

    This idea fits in very nicely with the flow of the liturgical poem Adon Olam. The poem begins with the terminology Master of the WORLD who ruled before any form was created. But it later says, “He is MY G-d and MY living Redeemer; Rock of MY pain… MY banner; MY refuge…” This makes it even more appropriate to label Adon Olam as the prayer of Avraham Avinu, because Avraham was the person who taught that the Almighty is both the King as well as my personal G-d.

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  • M

    Moshe -4 years ago

    1. It was said that all our food comes from the ground. 2. Bilateral relationship 3.overlapping humility and grandeur

    1. It was sayd that all our food comes from  the  ground, literally.  Including animals and  dairy that eat from the  ground. Leaving aside water for the  moment, what about fish and hydroponics? Or can we say that "ground" means the entire earth including the waters (solving the drinking water issue and also fish)? Also even hydroponics relies on a seed which came from  the  ground.

    2. It was said also that we can have a relationship with Hashem because he chose to  have one with us..Recall he made us, and he made us with the  ability to  choose to have such a  relationship and also the free choice  to do so or not.  

    3. Hashem humbled Himself greatly to create this world. And for us the world is the most grand  fantastic extraordinary thing beyond our  comprehension.  (Sse a recently enhanced picture from a  receding satellite that has our planet as a tiny blue dot in a vast cosmos)..

    This overlapping, that His humility overlaps with our greatest, is reminiscent of the overlapping chaining down or worlds where Keter of one level overlaps Malchus of another level.. Like a simple chain where the top of one link overlaps with the bottom of  another. 

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Chassidus: Torah Ohr Lo Teheye Meshakala #1

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • February 16, 2020
  • |
  • 21 Sh'vat 5780
  • |

Dedicated by Eliot Kaplan, for a Refuah Shleima for Chona Nosson ben Chana Raizel

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