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Megillah 9b-10b: Can You Bring Offerings Today On the Temple Mount?

Can You Bring Offerings Today On Your Private Altar?

The Temple Mount

Class Summary:

This class was presented on Thursday Parshas Terumah, 2 Adar, 5780, February 27, 2020, at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY 

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    Moshe -4 years ago

    A Musings

    Reb Mori said "I never said it!". These days the judge tells the jury "the jury will disregard that statenemt", thereby ensuring that  they remember it well.  

    We were reminded that only 42,000 yidden came back from Bovel, the majority remaining there. Ditto for large communities in Egypt and  elsewhere. Reminiscent of the 80% of yidden in Mitrayim, who, even after being enslaved, after seeing Pharoah's harsh decrees, after seeing Moshe stand up  to  Pharoah and bring most of the plagues, still, they preferred to stay.  So they were killed by Hashem. (Who buried them?) And today how many yidden would prefer to  stay in America and elsewhere where they are  comfortable when Moshiach comes? 

    It was mentioned that  there was Choni's beis hamigdash in Alexandria once. Hashocha that the magnificent Eliyahu Hanavi shul in Alexandria was just rebuilt and rededicated with a large inauguration a few days ago under the Egyptian dictator. (Google  it). A Jewish population has been there for millennia and was as large as  80,000 but now numbers 20 elderly yidden.  

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  • CL

    Cirel Lipskier -4 years ago


    imagine, we say V'alKayn after Olaynu - I think, that tefillah was composed by Ochon !!!

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Gemarah Megillah #23

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • February 27, 2020
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  • 2 Adar 5780
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