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Megillah 10b: Quantum Physics in the Talmud

Vayehi-Vehaya: How Happiness Thinks; How Victimhood Thinks

1 hr 16 min

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This class was presented on Friday Parshas Terumah, 3 Adar, 5780, February 28, 2020, at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY

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    Moshe -4 years ago

    1. "Vayehi bemay" is foreboding 2. Fatalism?. 3. The no space aron

    1. Of negative events coming up in the narrative. 

    But if, Mordechai wrote the actual words of  Megilla Ester, and he knew this concept, he also knew that the final result of  the whole story was  very positive.  Sure, there were negative characters, and a temporary period of  doubt and fear by the yidden, but the bottom line  was overwhelmingly good.  So why use, in fact start start, the megilla with the negative foreboding phrase? 

    2. We are to be proactive shluchim of  change and progress not passive victims. It is said that we have absolutely no  control of what happens to us, whether directly by Hashem (tree limb falls on your head), or by the hand of man (he hits you with a  2 by 4). Hashem has decreed what will happen  to  you down to the most minute detail. He has many shluchim. 

    So should we be fatalistic and passive? No. 

    We are in control of  our reaction to all that input.  How we perceive it. How we react. Whether we perceive ourselves as passive incapable victims or  proactive independent beings capable of  viewing the input positively or negatively, whether we react as Torah requires or not, etc. 

    So we combine a  passive acceptance of  what happens TO us, sent by Hashem one way or  the  other, with a very active, proactive response, sometimes even before that triggering input, our OUTPUT. Success of our output also determined by Hashem. 

    3. The aron took up no space. Another quiet subtle miracle. Notice that the tenth macca, killing of the first born, took up no time, a fraction of  an exact split second that cannot be measured. Ditto for  that moment when Hashem's wrath flared up nightly, known to Billam, that also took up no measureable time..

    The One who  created space and time, and is above it, can perform deeds that transcend, even contradict, both and are incomprehensible to us who live within both dimensions.  To explain that which we cannot really fathom, given our inherent limitations, we call it  "quantum mechanics", a euphemism for "its beyond us". 

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Gemarah Megillah #24

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • February 28, 2020
  • |
  • 3 Adar 5780
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Dedicated by Tobias Bichin, in memory of Rabbi Lipa Dubrawsky OB"M

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