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Stop Arguing with Your Racing Brain

What Is Torah? The Voice of Transcendence

1 hr 1 min

Class Summary:

This is a text-based class on the Maamar, Chassidic discourse, by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Ani Ledodi, presented on Shabbos Parshas Reah, 5712-1952. 

The class was presented by Rabbi YY Jacobson on Monday Parshas Eikev, 13 Av, 5780, August 3, 2020, live from Rabbi Jacobson's home in Monsey, NY 

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  • RK

    Rachelle Kaufman -3 years ago


    What a wonderful explanation of the ongoing gift of Torah. My heart shined with appreciation and connection to Hashem. Words are so poor at expressing this. 

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  • שא

    שרה אפשטיין -3 years ago

    Question for Rabbi YY

    I've been trying to internalise that I'm part of the ein sof and need to bring light to the surroundings. I have a son in law that behaves in a very disrespective way. I decided no more shabbos together because I can't not get angry. Any advice? They live very far so we don't meet. I have a son who has a girlfriend 3 years. I dontthink its right. What should I be doing?

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  • A

    Aharon -3 years ago

    This is an extremely challenging time for many people.  In many ways, some we are not even conscious of.  I see that this shiur - once a group (live, in-person) of individuals striving for growth and knowledge - is now being given over a screen thru internet.   I grew up with TV.  Quite an impersonal experience.  The flow of the class is different over the screen.  The questions often would do better to be commented by the person in the moment of the shur that is relevant to it.  The shak v'taria of the shiur is missing.  Perhaps it can be done thru zoom. 

    We know H" is bringing the geulah very soon, perhaps today or this morning.  Why He is putting His world thru this particular matziv/situation at this time is something none of us really know.     

    Baruch H" we have access to the truth because there is alot of falsity out there.  What seems even worse is the lack of dialogue.   There was a saying in the 60's from a song about a demonstraton where people are shouting and holding signs -   "everyone holding signs, mostly saying 'hurray for my side'".   Discussion opens up the opportunity for growth.  Interaction leads to the possibility of new ideas.    Compromise - as we have learned at different times in maamars and Torahs - is a very desirable goal. 


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  • CA

    chaim akerman -3 years ago

    very hard to keep going when you are confused. must give chizuk to keep going

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  • M

    Moshe -3 years ago

    Is Torah and Tefilla all there is?

    The Torah can be divided several ways. One way is that half of Torah is about our relationship with Hashem, Bain Adam leMokom. The other half is about relationship with each other.  

      The relationship we have with each other is reciprocal, i.e. the way I should relate to another is exactly how he should relate to me. The bilateral relatinshio is a mirror one way and the other way.


    The relationship we have with Hashem is not reciprocal, to put in mildly. Our realtiinship and obligations.to Him is not at all as His is to us (tho He does the mitzvos He commands us). 

     One can say that our relationship with Hashem is like a conversation, but not a conversation that is the same both ways.

    His communication, His side of the conversation to us we call Torah. By studying it all our lives we analyze and try to understand what He communicated to us. 

    Conversely, our relatiinship, our  communication to Him we call Tefilla. Obviously Torab and tefilla, very different sides to that bilateral conversation  we have with Him, is not at all the same both ways like that we have with each other. 

      Still, that relationship we have with each other is not random, or subject to our own ideas,, but is informed by Torah as well. 

      So in His side of the communication to us, is not only one side of the conversation with each of us. But also a directive how to relate to  each other.  

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  • Anonymous -3 years ago

    Dont we say sefiras haomer is issorra from below 

    likutey torah tzav


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