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It’s the Children Who Challenge Us Who Teach Us What Judaism Is

Dealing With Children Who Have Chosen Other Paths

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Class Summary:

Rabbi YY Jacobson delivered the keynote address at the Kesher Nafshi retreat, Motzoai Shabbos Parsha Chayei Sarah, 27 Cheshvan, 5781, November 14, 2020, at the Raleigh Hotel, South Fallsburg, NY

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  • M

    miriam -3 years ago

    I just finished your class on “Its the children who challenge us “.  I have to listen to it again. Professionally I am a speech therapist, but
    I am speechless.  I’m crying the tears that you described so accurately,  I think you’ve answered many of my questions with the best answer “we don’t know “.

    I’m a child of holocaust survivors, and I grew up with that response. I now know I have to work on my anger and resentment towards my son.  I have to be able to feel his pain as well as my own. Thank you for your amazing work, and I bless the Rabbi and myself, to have the strength to go from strength to strength. I am grateful for this incredible journey.  If I can help others going through matzav, please let me know.

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  • DR

    DAVID ROTHSCHILD -3 years ago

    If you allow me to say,

    When G-d created Rabbi YY Jakoobson he didnt create the ajectives to describe you and your unbelievably amazing shiurim

    Im still looking for the right words, maybe with more experiences with your classes Ill hopefully get there.

    Thanks for everything..

    Your talmid

    David Rothschild (originally from london and now married in Bnei Brak)

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  • S

    sholomo -3 years ago

    I listened to your amazing shiur given the past מוצאי שבת and found it really uplifting and i said it over to the בחורים in the yeshiva. In respect to the פשט in the 2  פסוקים as regards to יעקוב/עשו  anger i told them that לענייות דעתי it applies by many other things that hold back  שטייגען  like jealousy of a sibling or friend who always seems to be doing better 'leave go do not be a  יעקוב do not hold on to the past be yourself' maybe thats why we are called the  children of  'ישראל' and not יעקוב to be משריש inside us this new  מדה so to speak of being able to leave go no matter how hard it is, to make peace with our situation and move on.

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  • E

    esti -3 years ago

    The tears are flowing. 

    Just listened to your heart speak to an audience of parents in pain,  challenged with children who are in pain .
    After four years plus of synthesizing of your teaching and your perspective. It was truly listening to a playlist of my favorite shiurim that all together sang straight into my heart. Your voice resonated, the Torah spoke but your heart touched and validated all the pain .
    Thank You,
    I never tire of your message
    It’s profound
    It’s truth 
    Every challenge to date that I have been given by Hakadosh Baruch Hu, has been a new Avenue of connection to him that could never have been there without that challenge. It has been my navigation system to my creator. 
    All the best,
    With gratitude 

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  • GH

    G Heimann -3 years ago

    Rabbi Jacobson. I live in England/ Manchester and I started receiving some short clips of ur messages from friends. I've become hooked and now i listen to ur full shiurim. Each one is so powerful and full of so much essence, depth and clarity. I have a daughter of 22 years suffering from depression ( she hasn't left the house in over 2 years.) I work a 12 step programme and my pain has brought me back my connection to Hashem. I relate so strongly to the forgiveness part, and I loved what u said about ' I dont know'. Those 3 words were so extremely powerful. It helps me reach inner peace and serenity. 

    My big question is how do YOU get to a place where you reach so much clarity, understanding and sensitivity for every topic u talk about? 

    With so much appreciation for being able to access your deeply inspiring shiurim, at my  fingertips, from across the ocean, and feel so connected without having physically met you. 

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  • Anonymous -3 years ago


    לכבוד הרב י.י ג'יקובסון שליט"א

    זה מספר שנים שנחשפתי לדרשות שלך וממש נהנה מהם

    לעניות דעתי צריך השתדלות לדובב את ההרצאות של הרב לעברית או לשפות אחרות

    כך שגם כאלו שאנגלית שלהם לא שפת אם או לא מוצלחת "יתחזקו" מהרצאות של הרב

    ללא קשר יישר כוח גדול י"ר שיפוצו מעניינותך חוצה - אין לשער עד כמה חיזקת אותנו בהרצאה זו.

    בברכה שלמה

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  • Y

    yaakov -3 years ago

    I have a sister in law in NY 
    She has 2 sons on drugs and with one 21 yrs old lost a leg because of  his behavior:ל״ע
    YoUr drushu made a tremendous impact on them  and many others 
    May Hashem bench u with the brucha in this weeks parsha ויתן לך וכו״

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  • A

    aharon -3 years ago

    I thought after having heard so many of your shiurim and even repeated some of them publicly over the years, I thought apparently with gaivoh that I had heard the stories, the droshos and how many different things can one say to TP parents.
    YY - this was just over the top.

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  • C

    chaim -3 years ago

    מה שדרשת מהרה"ק ר יעקב דוד מאנשינאוו זי"ע ( יומא דהילולא  ביום ד' פרשת תולדות)
    ע"פ עד שתשוב חמת אחיך ממך.  שני נביאים התנבא בסגנון אחד
     הוא ג"כ בספה"ק פנים יפות מבעל הפלאה זי"ע. בדרוש נחמד כדאי לעיין בו

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    • Anonymous -3 years ago

      Rav Yitzchak Voloshin similar vort

      Amazing maasaeh below from rav yosef chaim zonnefeld
      also emes leyakov
      אמת ליעקבשפירא, יעקב יצחק בן חיים  
      panim yafos

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Keynote Kesher Nafshi Melave Malka

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • November 14, 2020
  • |
  • 27 Cheshvan 5781
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