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Day #8: Even Animals Understood What You Do During a Pandemic

We Can Disagree, But We Must Hold Hands

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Chanukah 5781 -- a Video a Day: Day 8

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  • EH

    Elaine Hamilton -3 years ago

    This was the perfect message for right now. And Chabad as leaders should encourage masks, distancing, and vaccinating by following the science to fight the Covid pandemic.  Hashem created our brains to solve problems and treat mankind. 
    And the accord has strings-we had to sell F3s to Saudi Arabia.  Fool us once??

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    • SK

      Solomon K -3 years ago

      Why would anyone in their right mind follow the science YOU prefer, over what others in the scientific community are telling us? Of course, like everything agenda and politically driven, only one side gets heard and the other crushed by an all too powerful propagandists. All that which you are preaching we ought to follow like blind sheeple is no more than feel good solutions with results not worth the effort. Basically, the government and health organizations need to show the people they're doing something to "flatten the curve." All they're really accomplishing is driving a nation to madness, causing unnecessary discomfort and destroying the economy. Also, a vaccine should not be rushed until there's been years of R&D and proper verification of side effects. 
      Now that we understand the nature of this virus, let's just see it as no more than a terrible season of influenza and leave it at that. And yes, I know that (a tiny percentile of infected) people are dying. Sad, but the world should not stop because of it.

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Chanukah 5781 -- a Video a Day

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • December 17, 2020
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  • 2 Tevet 5781
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Dedicated by
Pinchas ben Yaakov Pesach & Chanya Hyams
Pinny Brown & family

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