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Four Pillars of Education

The Earring, Nose Ring, Finger Ring & Armband

1 hr 6 min

An earring from ancient Greece

Class Summary:

This weekly women's class was presented on Tuesday, Parshas Vayakhel/Pekudei, 25 Adar, 5781, March 9, 2021, live from Rabbi YY Jacobson's home in Monsey, NY.

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  • E

    Erik -4 months ago

    Dear,Rebbe please fogive my pennmanship i mean no disrespect for any misspellings.I hope these e/mails bring you joy . All my life since i could read ive listened and studied scripture.My mother GOD bless her had a white leather Bible wth a wooden mayby ceder im not sure case it sat in perfectly i still when i let myself think about it remember the beatifull wood rosin smell it had.My mother GOD bless her again had it always sitting on a side table that also although not choise wood i think but was probobly hand made by my Grandfather who was born in Germany i belive from what i heard my Father on earth say while shmoozing at his parents house where we would go to have dinner almost every day of the week.Well anyways at around twlve i started down the wrong road and did not to say the least live a perfect life . Even through my twenteis and thirties i got in trouble and you know those i was incacerated with ,not all but some were the most GOD fearing believing men and woman ive met out of alot alot of people ive met.My question is is ther a quarilation betwween people who go to jail and those close to GOD.Sincerly Erik Glenn Richter. 

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  • D

    Devora -1 year ago

    How do you intercede when you see that certain friends are not having a positive influence and maybe even a negative one. Your child is expressing frustration and you are at a loss in how to separate the kids.   Speaking about 7, 8, 9 yr olds

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  • Y

    Yehudah -1 year ago

    My child became a rabbi.  I had a nervous breakdown/. Now I never hear from him.  He ignores all my attempts to connect.  I don't even know what my grandchildren look like.   I am 3000 miles from them. I cry most days.  I tried my best for my family.  I encouraged him to go to yeshiva.  I will probably die alone.  I tried my best to be good

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  • TH

    Tania Hammer -2 years ago

    I NEVER listen to parenting classes because its usually my way or the highway, extremely subjective etc. l listened to this shiur because of the parsha aspect. Thank you for this gorgeous broad stroke on parenting, leadership and the superior Rashi/Ibn Ezra perspective. Shabbat shalom. 

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  • Anonymous -3 years ago

    Thank you so much for the treasure chest of valuable information and sparkling insights that you taught in the Vayakhel/P’kudei shiur. It was an inspirational , Stradivarian presentation.
    A thought: could the finger ring and the arm band represent “hands-on” parenting?

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Women's Class Vayakhel

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • March 9, 2021
  • |
  • 25 Adar 5781
  • |

Dedicated by Liz and Michael Muschel in loving memory of her mother, Mrs. Shirley Levy a"h, Sorah Pessel bas R' Aryeh Leib, for the yartzeit, 22 Adar.

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