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Cuddled in My Mother's Arms

An Enigmatic Law in the Talmud Helps Us Alleviate Anxiety

1 hr 3 min

Rabbi Chaim Shmulevitz, Mirrer Rosh Yeshiva (on the left), and Rabbi Shmuel Bornstien of Sochotshov, the Shem M'Shmuel

Class Summary:

This weekly women's class was presented on Tuesday, Parshas Behaaloscha, 14 Sivan, 5781, May 25, 2021, live from Rabbi YY Jacobson's home in Monsey, NY.

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  • S

    Sue -3 years ago

    Answer to the person in Israel

    On a motzei Shabbos, I often had to travel alone on dangerous road. I'd be quite frightened. One night on this trip in car, I spontaneously started to create a poem about myself and Hashem in my mind. It relaxed me tremendously. On other journeys along the road I'd create a song with a similar theme. Since then, I've adopted this method as a regular tool to lift me up and take me through dark or difficult "journeys". It has generally relaxed me and it has increased my belief that Hashem is always by my side.

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  • AR

    Aron Reich -3 years ago

    Amazing! What is the chapters in Tehilim quoted? Ty

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  • BY

    Bracha Yanni -3 years ago

    What an amazing class Rabbi. As an educator we practice mindfulness with our students. This has given me a whole different perspective in what mindfulness truly is! 

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  • SD

    sarah deitsch -3 years ago

    Thank you so much. This was so phenomenal and a crucial reminder for me at a huge moment in my life.

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  • DVP

    Daniel van Praag -3 years ago


    Thank you very much for this beautiful shiur. Could you please add to the source sheet: the Shem mi Shmuel and reb Chaim Shulevitch? Thank you!

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Women's Class Behaaloscha

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • May 25, 2021
  • |
  • 14 Sivan 5781
  • |

Dedicated by Grandpa and Grandma Mochon in honor of Irene bat Ana’s 1st birthday. 

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