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A Tale of Two Questions

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An excerpt of class: https://theyeshiva.net/8277


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  • Anonymous -2 years ago

    brought tears to my eyes...

    I was a closed, sensitive child in school.. i can't even remember why... but i know that i was once lively & boisterous untill i reached a certain grade.

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  • S

    shmuel -2 years ago

    Hi I saw a video by rabbi yy Jacobson of a tale of two questions. my story is like this.

    I was a kid who always like answering questions, being the first to translate the word etc. Comes 4th grade and my Rebbe asks who knows this word? and me being me, gives an answer.

    It was wrong but I didn't know that. So he calls me up and I still think I got it right; I walk up there, my head up high, thinking I'm getting a prize.

    Suddenly I feel two slaps across my face and boy did I learn it was a wrong answer!

    Let me tell u this happened over 13 years ago and till today I always have something pulling me back to answer a question in shiur, etc.

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